Endgame Magic 100, live with Wesley So!

by Karsten Müller
11/25/2017 – The 100th episode of Endgame Magic is airing on Monday. We have a special guest for this jubilee: None other than Wesley So. He joins Karsten to look at some fascinating endgame from recent tournament praxis! Live at 15:00 CET (9:00 AM EST)!

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Endgame Magic #100

Guest: GM Wesley So

For the 100th episode we're glad to have Wesley So in the ChessBase studio. He'll play in the upcoming the London Chess Classic next week, but first will get in some endgame practice with Karsten Müller.


Endgames are the soul of the chess games. This coud be a phrase from GM Karsten Müller. The german grandmaster is one of the leading experts when it comes to endgames, with numerous published books and DVD's about this phase of the game. In his Endgame Magic Show Müller invites strong players and shows recent examples of the tournament praxis. Live at 15:00 CET (10:00 AM EDT):

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The show Endgame Magic is one of the major shows in the video portal. Nearly 100 episodes have been recorded. Karsten Müller is going on air around once a month always inviting a guest into his endgame world to discuss recent examples. But he also tests his guest with their very own endgames. 

Endgame expert GM Karsten Müller

Chess Endgames 14 - The golden guidelines of endgame play

Rules of thumb are the key to everything when you are having to set the correct course in a complex endgame. In this final DVD of his series on the endgame, our endgame specialist introduces you to the most important of these rules of thumb.



Karsten Müller, born 1970, has a world-wide reputation as one of the greatest endgame experts. He has, together with Frank Lamprecht, written a book on the subject: “Fundamental Chess Endgames” in addition to other contributions such as his column on the website ChessCafe as well as in ChessBase Magazine. Müller's ChessBase-DVDs about endgames in Fritztrainer-Format are bestsellers. The PhD in mathematics lives in Hamburg, where he has also been hunting down points for the HSK in the Bundesliga for many years.
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syuanjiang syuanjiang 11/26/2017 08:28
@kingfisher99 I do have premium account; however, the connection is not always good (this is the problem of chessbase site, because I can watch youtube or netflix no-stop; but watching chessbase videos often has a lot of glitchers). That is why I need a download option to cache it locally or at least PGN files to review after watching it
kingfisher99 kingfisher99 11/26/2017 05:54
@syuanjiang,Why do you want an array of dvds when they are all available in the video archive if you have a premium account?
syuanjiang syuanjiang 11/25/2017 11:10
When chessbase will group his endgame magics to an array of DVDs? Or at least sell some PGNs and annotation from those magic shows.