Endgame Magic with GM Mihail Marin

by Pascal Lautenschläger
7/11/2017 – Endgames are the soul of the chess games. This would probably a phrase from GM Karsten Müller. The german grandmaster is one of the leading experts when it comes to endgames. He published books and DVD's about this topic. In his Endgame Magic Show Müller invites strong players and shows recent examples of the tournament praxis. Starting at 3pm Uk time. Guest: GM Mihail Marin.

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Endgame Magic with Mihail Marin

The show Endgame Magic is one of the major shows in the video portal. Almost 100 episodes have been recorded. Karsten Müller is going on air around one time a month always inviting a guest into his endgame world discussing recent examples. But he also tests his guest with their very own endgames. 

Endgame expert GM Karsten Müller



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