Elisabeth Paehtz interview on Kasparov Chess Foundation

by Kasparov Chess Foundation
2/24/2024 – The Kasparov Chess Foundation Academy invites you to watch an interview with grandmaster Elisabeth Paehtz, one of the strongest German female chess players since her youth. On February 25, 17:00 CET, Elisabeth will give a live interview at KCF Academy. Add it to your calendar!

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IGM Adrian Mihalcisin reflects on the start of the Kasparov Chess Foundation:

"The journey of the KCF Academy has been nothing short of exciting and promising. Despite initial apprehensions, we launched with great success, quickly establishing ourselves as a valuable resource for young players and their dedicated trainers. Recognizing the challenges faced by trainers with limited time, we stepped in as a supportive and reliable program. In chess, unlike many other sports, formal training programs for every level are not readily available. Understanding the importance of structured training for success, the KCF Academy fills this gap beautifully!

We're thrilled to see new subscribers joining us along the program, as our app allows seamless program enrolment at any time! Here's to a bright future of chess excellence!"

As a part of the KCF Academy training program, we present an exclusive series of interviews featuring chess stars. We warmly invite you to enjoy a snippet video from our insightful interview with Svidler, where he unravels the secrets behind his strategy and approach to the game. Discover the mindset of a chess legend as Svidler shares his thoughts on mastering the board and staying ahead of the competition.

Step back in time to 1997, when chess history was made in a thrilling encounter between Peter Svidler and Alexey Dreev. In a recent interview with the Kasparov Chess Foundation Academy, Svidler revisited this game, offering his insights.

Join us for an interview with Grandmaster Elisabeth Paehtz, who is among the strongest German female chess players since her youth. Incidentally, the name in German is spelled Pähtz and pronounced pay-ts (to rhyme with 'baits').

In 2002, Paehtz became the World Youth Champion of the girls under-18 age group, and in 2005, the World Junior Girls Champion. She won the 2018 European Women's Championship in rapid chess. In 2022 Paehtz became the first German woman to earn the FIDE title of Grandmaster.

Save the Date: February 25, 2024, 17:00 CET

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Attacking with the Jobava London System

The Jobava London System is a minor form of the London System. White tries to play Lf4 quickly followed by Nc3.

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