Dortmund Chess Festival 2022: Impressions and Interviews

by ChessBase
7/28/2022 – In July 2022, the Dortmund Chess Festival celebrated the second year of its reboot. Top German and International Grandmasters and former World Champion Vishy Anand helped to turn this year's festival into an attractive chess event. Next year, the festival will celebrate its 50-year jubilee - and here are some video impressions and interviews with the winners of the 49th edition. | Photos and videos: Dortmund Chess Festival

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Video impressions from the 49. Dortmund Chess Festival

Impressions, part 1

Impressions, part 2

Impressions, part 3


Interview with Dmitrij Kollars, winner of the NC World Masters

Interview with Pavel Eljanov, winner of the German Grand Prix

Interview with Max Warmerdam, winner of the Open

Video channel of the Dortmund Chess Festival...

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