Dissolution of the ACP

by ChessBase
7/14/2023 – The Association of Chess Professionals is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2003 to protect the rights of professional chess players. In the course of its existence the ACP managed to push through many important changes in the FIDE regulations, raising the prize funds and improving the financial conditions of the professional chess players. It also organised numerous tournaments. Now, after two decades, the ACP General Assembly has decided to dissolve the organisation. Here are all the details, in their press release.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We, the board of the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP), hereby declare the dissolution of the organization effective immediately. After our latest Extraordinary General Assembly, the decision was reached to dissolve the organization. We have now completed all the legal requirements for the dissolution.

We have overseen the necessary administrative tasks associated with the dissolution process, including the closure of bank accounts, settlement of outstanding liabilities, and the appropriate distribution of any remaining assets in accordance with the ACP's Statute.

The ACP Statute states that "assets will be devoted [...] to an association pursuing the same objective." We have therefore reached an agreement with FIDE to dedicate our remaining assets to the World Junior Championships, starting this year. The official prizes aside, an additional 1 000 EUR "ACP Prize" will be awarded to the winners of the World Juniors (open and girls section) in the next five years. In this way we hope to preserve the legacy of the ACP, at the same time helping the future professionals of our beloved game.

We have also made sure to keep ACP's website active until 2029, thus keeping its presence in the virtual world.

Over the years, the ACP has played a significant role in promoting and advancing the interests of professional chess players worldwide. We have strived to foster a sense of unity, cooperation, and support among chess professionals, advocating for their rights and creating opportunities for growth and development within the chess community.

However, due to various internal and external factors, which we have addressed in the past, it has become increasingly challenging to sustain the operations and objectives of the ACP. Despite our best efforts, we have encountered financial difficulties, a decline in membership, and limited resources to effectively fulfill our mission. The changing landscape of the chess world, coupled with evolving player needs and preferences, has necessitated a critical reassessment of our organizational structure and viability.

After thorough evaluation and discussions, we have come to the difficult conclusion that the dissolution of the ACP is the most appropriate course of action. This conclusion was supported by the voting at the EGA.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the members, sponsors, partners, and supporters who have contributed to the ACP's journey and success throughout the years. Your unwavering commitment and dedication have been instrumental in advancing the cause of professional chess and elevating its status in the world.

As we move forward, we encourage all chess professionals to remain engaged, continue pursuing their passion for the game, and explore other avenues available to them for support, collaboration, and growth. The ACP may dissolve as an organization, but its spirit in chess will always endure.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has been a part of the Association of Chess Professionals. Nevertheless, we remain connected through our shared love for the game and the indelible impact the ACP has had on the chess community.

After all, we are one family.

The ACP Board

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