Daniel King: an interview

by Albert Silver
3/15/2017 – Daniel King has been one of the longest lasting fixture in the ChessBase family, and to celebrate his 25th PowerPlay DVD, the classic PowerPlay 7: Improve Your Pieces is now on sale 50% off! He will also be presenting a live PowerPlay show on Playchess, and finally here is a video interview with the English grandmaster, where he talks about his life, his love of chess, and a passionate comment on the World Championship.

Power Play 7 - Improve your pieces Power Play 7 - Improve your pieces

Why is manoeuvring important, and in what circumstances should we consider manoeuvring rather than another course of action? In this 7th Power Play DVD, Daniel King helps you to recognise when a piece is poorly placed and what to do about it.


If you are a fan of Daniel King, whether they be his fun videos, his bestselling PowerPlay DVD series, his live commentary, and woould like to learn a bit more about him, then this video interview is not to be missed.


A nine-minute interview of Daniel King by Oliver Reeh

This Wednesday, March 15, there will be a live PowerPlay show for (watch it here) Premium subscribers to ChessBase Accoount, and will be all aboout the wonderfully creative Georgian player, Baadur Jobava. It will take place on Playchess at 9pm CET (Paris) or 4pm EST (New York). If you miss it, or cannot make it, you can find it later in the ChessBase Account videos section, toegther with his many other recorded shows.

A sample of what the menu of videos of Daniel King looks like. You can find hours upon hours of material there

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Every week ChessBase Shop has on item in the shop on with ane exceptional discount. To celebrate the recent recording of Daniel King's 25th PowerPlay DVD, which will discuss a repertoire against the Queen's Pawn openings, this week until March 20, Power Play 7 is on a 50% discount. Easily one of the long-term favorites, it discusses piece placement and maneuvering.

Why is manoeuvring important, and in what circumstances should we consider manoeuvring rather than another course of action? In this 7th Power Play DVD, Daniel King helps you to recognise when a piece is poorly placed and what to do about it. Throughout the DVD, specially selected positions will enable you to test your understanding of the subject. 

Daniel King on the web:

Twitter (@DanielKingChess)

Facebook (Daniel King Power Play Chess)

YouTube (PowerPlay Chess)

Born in the US, he grew up in Paris, France, where he completed his Baccalaureat, and after college moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had a peak rating of 2240 FIDE, and was a key designer of Chess Assistant 6. In 2010 he joined the ChessBase family as an editor and writer at ChessBase News. He is also a passionate photographer with work appearing in numerous publications.
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Raymond Labelle Raymond Labelle 3/17/2017 03:49
Daniel is intelligent enough to know that his birth year is everywhere on the Internet, at least in Wikipedia and on the Internet-accessible FIDE card - Daniel was joking when saying that he was 43. Even though a joke is less funny when explained, explaining it could be useful for some readers - sorry Daniel!

Daniel hints that he finds himself old, to the point of having to lie about his age - this is the very structure of that second-degree joke. And, on the more serious side, Daniel uses humour to somewhat confide that he is finding himself becoming somewhat old (well, not that old Danny!).

DK's post-game analysis are great - at the same time very instructive and very entertaining, he is the one among those I know who combines the best these two sometimes mutually exclusive qualities, and very naturally - always looking forward to his post-game analysis. I have not been exposed to DK's other work other than short light interviews with chess players, which are also quite good, but on another registry.
marcelord marcelord 3/16/2017 10:52
I find Daniels reviews interesting
onyman onyman 3/16/2017 07:43
@hereandnow: If this should be a joke that would be even weirder.
NMcrazyim5 NMcrazyim5 3/16/2017 04:29
Mr.King is the best! I have followed his commentary since I was 8 and no one comes close to Daniel when it comes to being eloquent, friendly, enthusiastic yet being content rich! Greetings on your 25th DVD!
hereandnow hereandnow 3/16/2017 10:06
LOL ... quite a few of you didn't get the joke. Of course it was a joke about his age as it was about Suaheli. This is part of Dani's humor. Did you really think he didn't know his age (53) is public? man man man
onyman onyman 3/16/2017 02:47
Lol, that's funny. He doesn't know how old he is. But on the other hand: 43 is not necessarily untrue. He was not asked about his biological age. Maybe he rates the age he feels higher than biological age.
Hammerchewer Hammerchewer 3/15/2017 09:46
Yes it's rather sad that he felt he had to lie about his age; I thought only Victorian ladies did that. Really silly as somebody has already pointed out: birth years are stated on the FIDE rating site (though not always correctly).
I can assure benedictralph that Danny is married. His wife is Mairead O'Siochru [strictly in Irish that should be Mairead ni Siochru] who played for Ireland in several FIDE olympiads. Maybe when those teenagers are a bit older we'll see her playing again.
zedsdeadbaby zedsdeadbaby 3/15/2017 09:44
I Patreon Daniel on Youtube. He is my go to guy for any tournament that is on and hope he continues....
Mr TambourineMan Mr TambourineMan 3/15/2017 06:59
Pl. 14 aint that dumb, Brentford holding a safe spot in the table!
And yes winning and losing much more games and a team that does a lot of goals in both net.
I can see why you like them never a dull moment and also how can one not hold on the team in the Place one lives?

1 Newcastle 37 24 5 8 70-32 77
2 Brighton 37 23 8 6 63-31 77
3 Huddersfield 36 22 5 9 47-39 71
4 Leeds 37 20 6 11 50-36 66
5 Reading 37 19 7 11 49-49 64
6 Sheffield W 37 18 8 11 48-37 62
7 Fulham 37 16 13 8 65-44 61
8 Preston 37 15 11 11 51-45 56
9 Norwich 37 15 9 13 63-56 54
10 Derby 37 14 10 13 39-36 52
11 Barnsley 37 14 9 14 55-53 51
12 Aston Villa 37 12 12 13 37-39 48
13 Cardiff 37 13 9 15 50-53 48
14 Brentford 37 13 8 16 55-54 47
15 QPR 37 13 8 16 41-50 47
16 Ipswich 37 10 15 12 37-44 45
17 Birmingham 37 11 11 15 38-54 44
18 Wolverhampton 36 11 9 16 43-47 42
19 Burton 37 10 11 16 36-48 41
20 Nottingham 37 11 7 19 51-62 40
21 Blackburn 37 9 12 16 44-55 39
22 Bristol C 37 10 8 19 46-53 38
23 Wigan 37 8 10 19 31-42 34
24 Rotherham 37 4 5 28 32-82 17
Poisondart Poisondart 3/15/2017 06:00
Born August 1963 = 54 years old. Hmmm. fake news!
BiggusDiqqus BiggusDiqqus 3/15/2017 05:04
The best commentator.
stolowski stolowski 3/15/2017 03:54
One of the best commentators, I'm really enjoying his analysis and PowerPlay series (both the DVDs and youtube channel). Nice interview!
benedictralph benedictralph 3/15/2017 02:46

I wonder what else he's BS-ing us about. Maybe he's not even married.
43? Lol! He is 54 this year: https://ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=400068
algorithmy algorithmy 3/15/2017 01:20
very short interview albeit curious. Daniel King is one of the best commentators ever, and his efforts are really making chess world much more attractive and live. Keep up the good work Mr. Daniel!
stroam75 stroam75 3/15/2017 01:15
but not a word about his hair ! How can you have a conversation with Danny and not talk about his hair ? He's a season ticket holder at Barnet, for God's sake. He is inseparable from his hair. Why ? Why ? Otherwise a touching interview
benedictralph benedictralph 3/15/2017 10:14
Wow, Danny. You're only 43? You look a lot older. Life must have been hard on you.