Cuban Championships: Ernesto Quesada and Lisandra Ordaz victorious

by ChessBase
2/23/2024 – The Cuban Championships, open and women’s, took place on February 5-17 in two different parts of the Caribbean island: Holguín and Pinar del Río, respectively. Both events were decided on tiebreakers, with Ernesto Quesada and Lisandra Ordaz emerging victorious.

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Close races

Press release by FIDE

The LX Cuban Absolute (Open) Championship and XLVIII National Women’s Championship were held almost simultaneously in the different parts of the island – Holguín and Pinar del Río, respectively.

The open tournament saw a close race between the three top seeds, Luis Ernesto Quesada Perez, Omar Almeida and Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera, who each scored 7/9 points and tied for first place, finishing a half-point ahead of Lelys Stanley Martínez Duany.

To determine the winner, a three-player tiebreaker was played, in which Luis Ernesto Quesada emerged victorious, taking the title of Cuban champion. Omar Almeida finished second and took silver, while the top-rated Carlos Daniel Albornoz had to settle for bronze.

Kudos to FM Kemel Antonio Gallo, who netted 6/10 points and completed an IM norm.

Cuban Chess Championship

Final standings

Rk. SNo Name RtgI Club/City Pts.  TB1   TB2   TB3 
1 Luis Ernesto, Quesada Perez 7 55
2 Omar, Almeida Quintana 7 52,5
3 Carlos Daniel, Albornoz Cabrera 7 52
4 Lelys Stanley, Martinez Duany 6,5 51,5
5 Dylan Isidro, Berdayes Ason 6 56
6 Kemel Antonio, Gallo Garcia 6 52
7 Michel Alejandro, Diaz Perez 6 49,5
8 Jorge Roberto, Elias Reyes 6 48
9 Ermes, Espinosa Veloz 5,5 50,5
10 Rider, Diaz Murgada 5,5 47,5
11 Cristian, Vitier Vazquez 5 50,5
12 Elier, Miranda Mesa 5 46,5
13 Diasmany, Otero Acosta 5 44,5
14 Jorge De Jesus, Perez Marimon 4,5 50
15 Alain, Otero Marino 4,5 48

...26 players

All available games

The women’s event was also a close affair as IM Lisandra Ordaz Valdes and the youngest participant, WFM Leannet Mariah Bosch Valls, totalled 7½/10 points and shared first place.

Another exciting tiebreaker took place a few hours after the final round, with Ordaz and Bosch facing each other in a duel for the national crown. After the opponents traded blows in the rapid 15+10 games, Lisandra Ordaz won both blitz games and clinched the title. 

As many as three players tied for third place, with Miranda Llanes Yerisbel winning bronze (just like in 2023) thanks to the superior rating average of her opponents.

Final standings

Rk. SNo Name Rtg Pts.  TB1   TB2   TB3 
1 Lisandra Teresa, Ordaz Valdes 7,5 55
2 Leannet Mariah, Bosch Valls 7,5 54
3 Yerisbel, Miranda Llanes 7 55,5
4 Yaniela, Forgas Moreno 7 55,5
5 Roxangel, Obregon Garcia 7 54
6 Ineymig, Hernandez Gil 6 51,5
7 Oleiny, Linares Napoles 5,5 54,5
8 Melissa, Rodriguez Dominguez 5,5 50
9 Amanda Maria, Muniz Guevara 5,5 47,5
10 Vivian, Ramon Pita 5 52
11 Maritza, Arribas Robaina 5 50
12 Lorena Beatriz, Montejo Bello 5 48
13 Greter, Caballero Ramos 5 46
14 Yoana, Gonzalez Ochoa 5 43,5
15 Aliett, Valdes Boza 5 41,5

...26 players

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