Computer Challenge 01

by Karsten Müller
4/25/2023 – Our "Iniyan Challenge" saw a lot of readers getting interested, and we received some excellent analysis from them. Today we want to give you a Computer Challenge. It is a position in which your chess engines will not give you the solution if you ask them — even if you run them for a very long time. You have to come up with the logic and strategy of the solution yourself, and then confirm everything with the help of the computer. Can you do that?

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Here's the position, which actually occurred in a high-level game:

To get a feel for the problems that White is faced with, you can try winning the game from the above position. You can move the white pieces and the diagram will defend for Black.

1.Nxb6+? does not win, as you will quickly see. After 1...cxb6 the position is completely locked and White would have to sacrifice his queen to open it up.

How about using the h3 square for the queen to penetrate? 2.h4!? But Black plays 2...gxh4 and then 3...h3 to lock up the position. You may consider sacrificing the queen on a5, but Black can easily block the passed b-pawn and hold the draw. So what to do?

You can analyse the position comprehensively in the following replay window:

Here you can start the engine (fan icon) and enter variations. If you come up with a solution, you can download the full analysis you have done (disk icon below the notation) as a PGN file. You can also simply download the PGN as is and use your favourite engine to search for the solution.

Please submit your analysis in PGN to The subject should be "Computer Challenge 01". Please give your name and your place of residence!

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