ChessBase employee Arne Bracker wins Hamburg Championship

by André Schulz
6/7/2023 – The new Hamburg champion is Arne Bracker, whom many ChessBase customers know from his work at the ChessBase Support. In nine rounds, Arne Bracker did not lose a single game, leaving Elo favourite Malte Colpe behind. Winning the tournament means that Arne has qualified for the German Championships. | Photo: Christoph Schroeder (4.) - Arne Bracker (1.) . Malte Colpe (3.) - Robin Keyser (2.) (Hamburger Schachverband).

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From 27 May to 4 July the Hamburg Chess Federation held its 2023 Hamburg Championships. 64 players registered for the competition and were divided into four groups according to their rating numbers: Master Group, Candidate Class, A Group and B Group. Just over a third of the participants came from Hamburger SK. The tournament was held at the Eliteschule des Sports in Alter Teichweg.

The championship group was a ten player round-robin. Top seed was Malte Colpe (2357) ahead of Arne Bracker (2247) and Hauke Reddmann (2232).

In round six, however, Colpe was unexpectedly defeated by Christoph Schröder after winning all his previous games. In round seven, Colpe was then unable to defeat Robin Keyser and after round seven he was one point behind Bracker, who had only drawn once - against Keyser.

The eighth round saw the top match between the top two scorers. The game ended in a draw, which almost secured Bracker the title. In the final round, a draw against Dr Jakob Kneip was enough for the ChessBase employee.

In the end, Arne Bracker won the title of Hamburg Champion with 7.5 points, six wins and three draws, and qualified for the German Individual Championships in Stuttgart in August. Malte Colpe and Robin Keyser shared second place. Christoph Schroeder finished fourth.

For the readers of this site, Arne Bracker annotated his game against Hauke Reddmann.


André Schulz started working for ChessBase in 1991 and is an editor of ChessBase News.