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by Albert Silver
4/30/2015 – Over the last couple of years, ChessBase has been releasing a series of apps that run exclusively in the browser, and thus on any operating system, whether it be Windows, MacOS, or Linux. These powerful tools have a few things in common, notably they are all free, and they all have addresses that end in Here is a detailed overview.

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Although one can argue the new apps all have logical web addresses, their names also mean they are easy to remember and find if you want to use one. Everyone of these apps run from the browser and cover the full range of ChessBase tools. For example if you want to use the Cloud database tools, just go to (no WWW in front). Feel like a game against Fritz? Simply seek out You get the idea.

Here is an overview of the apps that now exist, with links to tutorials to make the most of them:

Playchess on the Web


This was the first web app in the series, introduced in 2013, and has the full gamut of functions. Not only can you log in and play games, but you can watch broadcasts with the same multi-board display as in the desktop program.

Watching broadcast games on several boards at the same time works just fine

New Playchess on the Web

10/1/2013 – We are proud to introduce our web-based Playchess client, which can run in any browser or operating system, to play games or watch top broadcasts. You can play blitz games, bullet games, or slow games, watch top players in live blitz action, or follow elite broadcasts on as many as nine boards at a time. Learn all about it in this illustrated tour.

Playchess for Web: usernames and rated games

12/20/2013 – The launch of Playchess’s web client brought an incredibly convenient way to watch games through the browser, but was missing that one key feature: the ability to login using one’s subscriber username. Until now you could only login as a guest, but now that has been fixed and you play rated games, and watch any master or grandmaster game of your choice.

ChessBase Database on the Web


If you ever wanted to consult the full, unfiltered database by ChessBase, with millions upon millions of games (new ones added every week), this is your go-to-site. You can not only search names, events, and more, but the games include the perks such as Playerbase pictures, move statistics, 3D boards, Let's Check evaluations, and even consult Deep Fritz 14 on a position.

Not only do you get all the technical perks such as stats and games, but gorgeous 3D boards as well

Introducing the online ChessBase database

1/17/2014 – Fairly recently, a new online tool was released by ChessBase with little if any fanfare, but that is of no small use for casual users: an online searchable version of the ChessBase database, accessible from your browser, and free. It brings well over 6.5 million games, includes the playerbase pictures, move statistics, and even the Let’s Check computer evaluations. Here is a tutorial.

ChessBase Online: 3D boards and Fritz 14

2/1/2015 – As you know, ChessBase has been hard at work developing web-based software to allow users to enjoy many of the wonderful functions they have in desktop software. Among those is the Online Database in which you can consult millions of games, and get full statistics and Let's Check engine data. Newly added to its functionality are great 3D boards and engine support! 

Fritz for the Web


Were you looking for a quick game against an engine, without necessarily being brutalized? The easy-to-use Fritz for web is not only quite forgiving, but will give you hints, and allow as many takebacks as you want.

Easy and fun, Fritz for web is a beatable opponent for a quickie to scratch that itch

How about a nice game of chess?

2/5/2015 – Do you long for a quick fun game against Fritz, but miss the days when that did not necessarily mean being brutalized by the machine? ChessBase has just the thing for you. Among its newest series of apps for the web is Fritz 14, designed specifically to be played against. It can be an easy friendly game, will give you hints, and allow takebacks. And above all, it can be beaten.

Fritz and Chesster on the web


If you wanted to learn chess in a friendly and painless environemnt, or teach a child, then this is the place to go. Fritz and Chesster is the web version of the hit PC series of programs, and includes all the animations and mini-games.

You can register your store-bought version or use the web version as you wish

Chess For Kids: online and free

2/9/2015 – Among the most popular programs by ChessBase, is the series designed to teach chess to children, "Fritz and Chesster". Until now it was only available on CD from the shop, but now you can enjoy the fun and games approach for free on the web. The colorful cartoons, with cute mini-games to teach the moves, can now be accessed from any browser, even on a mobile device.

Cloud database for the web


In a way, this is a web version of the flagship ChessBase software. Naturally it does not have all the functionality of the desktop versions, but it still brings a powerful set of tools that allows you to open and consult a database, edit or build one in a Cloud database, enter and edit games with full annotations, and even use Deep Fritz to analyze moves.

Create, delete and store database on the cloud to later consult even
from your desktop copy of ChessBase. There are tons of ways to make
the most of these tools, and tutorials to show you how.

MyGames: free Cloud Database on the web (1/2)

2/15/2015 – Among ChessBase's new free software designed for web browsers is the rather innocuous sounding 'MyGames', but the sheer power and possibilities of this particular service are not to be underestimated. It is intimately tied in with the new Cloud Database service in ChessBase 13, but allows a wide range of possibilities for players, teachers, and tournament organizers.

MyGames: free Cloud Database on the web (2/2)

2/18/2015 – When presented with powerful new tools such as the Cloud Database, or notably the free MyGames web application that combines with it, it is often difficult to fully appreciate the new options they offer. Here is a step-by-step guide to use both tools and methods so that players, teachers and organizers can leverage them to improve workflow and productivity.

Tactics training on the web


This is the latest addition, and certainly not the least. Now you can quickly do a tactical training session that wioll keep track of your results, which positions you solved or not, and rate you as you go along. There are thousands oif positions, and the program will also test mirror variations to make sure you do not get stuck visualizing it in only one flavor. Compare your results to others, and above all... have fun!

The tactics trainer is increidbly easy to use, and a great way to practice one of the most
important and useful aspects of chess. If you have any issues or feedback, you can send
it with a click of the mouse. Above all: it is free!

ChessBase's free tactics training

4/27/2015 – Tactics, tactics, tactics. There isn't a teacher or manual that does not press this point mercilessly, and with good reason: strategy collapses if the tactics are flawed. After releasing a slew of web applications, from cloud database to Fritz or children instruction, ChessBase now presents its latest addition, a free tactics trainer with over 34 thousand positions!

ChessBase hopes you find these new web apps useful and fun, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, by all means click on the Reader Feedback link below.

Born in the US, he grew up in Paris, France, where he completed his Baccalaureat, and after college moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had a peak rating of 2240 FIDE, and was a key designer of Chess Assistant 6. In 2010 he joined the ChessBase family as an editor and writer at ChessBase News. He is also a passionate photographer with work appearing in numerous publications, and the content creator of the YouTube channel, Chess & Tech.


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