ChessBase 17 explained by the engineers! - The fast search function

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1/21/2023 – ChessBase 17 offers many new features. We help to use them optimally! In our new video series, our developers personally explain the new features they have developed themselves. From the new data format to the beauty index. In no time at all, you'll learn how it's done. In the first episode, Jeroen van den Belt explains the new lightning-fast search function!

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ChessBase 17 explained by the engineers

01 - The player search

A video tutorial by engineer Jeroen van den Belt

The advanced search option explained by Jeroen van den Belt

To use the new search mask, open the database you want to search. Then click on the "Filter list" tab in the game list.

Liste filtern

I achieve the same result with the key combination CTRL+F. On the screen then appears the normal search mask of ChessBase 17.

Einfache Suchmaske

Let's assume that we want to search games of Garry Kasparov. After clicking on the Players tab, a menu appears in which you can enter the name of the player you are looking for. All the players whose names match the current search entry will be listed. The order in which the players are displayed depends on the number of games stored in the database for the player in question.


Note: The spelling of the names of the players in the database is based on the English spelling. Entering the name step by step can help here if you are not sure exactly how the player you are looking for is spelled.

If we click on the name of Garry Kasparov in the list, it will appear in the input field of the search mask. After clicking OK, the program shows how many games of Garry Kasparov are in the database (candidates).

Gute Partien

By clicking on the search tab, all games of Kasparov are listed. The search result can be refined by adding further search criteria. For example, you can select the year, let's take the year 2000. Now we get all the games displayed that Kasparov played in the millennium year. If we enter the result 1-0, all games are displayed which White won and in which Kasparov was involved. 

Just try the new search functions! The principle is always the same: by entering certain criteria, the search can be narrowed down further and further, so that we have the desired result quickly and clearly.

It is also possible to combine the search defaults of the simple search with those of the advanced search. For example, if you have marked Kasparov's games in the way described above, you can now click on the Advanced tab; the search for "Kasparov" is then already predefined. For example, if you now click on "Wins only" to the right of Kasparov's name, all of Kasparov's winning games will be listed, regardless of colour.


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It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it.


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