ChessBase 13 is here!

11/21/2014 – Most important novelties: ChessBase 13 makes handling your databases on several computers simultaneously very simple. Moreover, the ChessBase cloud allows you to send your training and team partners exercises, games, and lots of chess information in no time. The new packages are available for immediate delivery and the download version will be online on Friday. Order now!

ChessBase 14 Download ChessBase 14 Download

Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. Start your personal success story with ChessBase 14 and enjoy your chess even more!

Along with the ChessBase 14 program you can access the Live Database of 8 million games, and receive three months of free ChesssBase Account Premium membership and all of our online apps! Have a look today!


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Captain Slag Captain Slag 11/20/2014 06:54
I think the question raised by maac is a pertinent one.
Can the upgrade be applied to the download version of chessbase12?
maac2002 maac2002 11/19/2014 06:20
Will be a download version, similar to chessbase 12?
Also, will be a path upgrade in that case (from chessbase 12 download)?