Chess in TV commercials

by Albert Silver
1/27/2014 – Chess is commonly used in print advertising, most often linking its image of intelligence and class with the advertiser's product or service. However, it also has been used many times in TV commercials either directly or indirectly to promote anything from luxury cars, to cell phones, the military, soft drinks, or sports. Here is a list of TV commercials with chess.

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Pepsi - "Kasparov vs Machine"

A classic commercial by Pepsi with Garry Kasparov. It is obviously not his voice though,
presumably too Russian for the company's taste.

Chess and cats, what's not to like?

Coming Home - Chess (Hindi) | AirTel

An ad in which a young man plays chess with a relative (my Hindi is rusty) and
thanks to the wonders of phones, pursues it.... by voice.

AltaVista - Kasparov


AltaVista was the king of search engines in the 90s and chose Kasparov to advertise the
power of its search results - Chess


Although meant as a joke, the ad has a very realistic portrayal of the difficulty
of chess on TV for the general public

TBWA - Chess commercial


This commercial by Brio Animation is part of a campaign for world-renown advertising
giant TBWA that included four thematically related television commercials for a large
insurance company.

Milk - Korchnoi vs the Cow


In this funny ad preaching the virtues of milk, Viktor Korchnoi is defeated by a cow



A tribute to individuality for Reebok

NHL Chess commercial with Wayne Gretzky


The thinking side of hockey is illustrated through chess

Vittel mineral water


This was a commercial for Vittel mineral water

Tacori jewelry


The chess pieces are used to promote the sales of wedding rings

Big Brother, Big Sister


Chess is used as the bond between generations

BBC Comedy


BBC Three creates a very creative comedy chess ad

NBA chess


A high quality commercial likening all aspects of basketball to a game of competitive chess

US Marines


This 1990 ad for the US Marines is centered around chess (with a dash of Star Wars and Excalibur)

Motorola mobile phones


The tag line says: "Life is not just black and white. Moto color - Motorola's new
colored cell phone. Motorola - one step ahead"

Rzeczpospolita - leading Polish newspaper


A TV commercial produced for a leading Polish newspaper

Ronzoni pasta


A short but very strange commercial by a pasta brand based on chess

Mercedes Benz - Singapore


Mercedes Benz comes out with a classy ad on chess and its line of luxury cars

7-Up (soft drink)


A humorous ad combining correspondence chess and the soft drink

Horizon plumbing and services


Even local businesses freely use the image of chess

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vasyapupkers vasyapupkers 1/28/2014 01:03
Poor Korchnoi!