Checkmate on the horizon

by Oliver Reeh
2/25/2023 – After 25...exd5 White skillfully set up the final attack. If you see his first move right away - please check black counterstrikes!

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Oliver Reeh has been working for ChessBase for many years as a translator and presenter of the internet show TV ChessBase, and he also looks after the tactics column in ChessBase Magazine, for which he has also been responsible as editor-in-chief since 2019. The International Master has contributed to the CB "MasterClass" series and is the author of the DVDs "Strike like the World Champions" and "Master Class Tactics - Train your combination skills!" Volumes 1 & 2. Oliver Reeh lives in Hamburg.
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oxygenes oxygenes 3/1/2023 04:43
Nice and bad, doing fools both players from, no matter due to little time or miscalculation. Author could show such examples rather in collumn "Mutual blindness". Simple and effective 23.Ng4 was fair invitation for opponent to go together to drink.
HowardGutman HowardGutman 2/27/2023 04:50
It's a flawed brilliancy. Q-h5 is relatively easy to find and as black, I'd have played N-F5 which the computer says is second best (N-e8 is better) but still provides an advantage for black. Curious why a well-known grandmaster would have missed 2 relatively easy defenses, did he believe B x F2 won for black. Turns out R-d5 is not a brilliant move but white really has nothing else and computer quickly finds out but says black is winning.
arzi arzi 2/27/2023 06:12
Nice, not like the boring 23. Ng4.
oxygenes oxygenes 2/25/2023 08:23
Interesting, by how risky way decided white to go for win. Anti-romantic simple 23.Ng4 was unpleasant enough for black. :)