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12/6/2018 – The Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival returns next week for a 5th edition in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain from December 13th to the 23rd. There are still a few places available in the tournament which is rapidly becoming one of the strongest open events in the chess world, and this year will feature Russian GM Dmitry Andreikin, Ukrainian GM Vassily Ivanchuk and Indian super-talents GM Nihal Sarin and GM R. Praggnanandhaa. | Photo: Sharath Elumulai

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V Sunway Sitges International Festival

logoThe 5th edition of the Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival will be held in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain from the 13th to the 23rd of December 2018 at the Hotel Playa Golf Sitges. The open tournaments are each 10 rounds, with one game per day, played under the Swiss system (tournament rules) and will be held in two groups:

  • Group A: open to all players with a FIDE rating of at least 1700 ELO
  • Group B: open to players with FIDE Rating of below 2000 points and who have not surpassed a rating of 2100 FIDE’s ELO points in the last 3 years

The total prize fund for this tournament is EUR €27,155 with €5,000 for the Group A winner. There are also various category prizes on offer.

In addition to the prize fund, ChessBase is providing 20 FritzTrainer video series, Fritz 16 chess engine and a ChessBase 15 package, and also assisting with the live webcast which will be hosted by IM Anna Rudolf, and feature commentary by GM Miguel Illescas, Levan Aroshidze, Jordi Magem and Leontxo Garcia.

Hotel and coast

The beautiful venue of the event! | Photo: Sunway

Just down the coast from Barcelona...

So far, 162 players from 39 federations have confirmed their entries for the Group A tournament which include 104 titled players (31 GM, 27 IM, 4 WGM, 4 WIM, 20 FM, 2 WFM, 15 CM, 1 WCM). The top seed of the event is Super GM Dmitry Andreikin with an elo of 2719 followed by the evergreen GM Vassily Ivanchuk. The Rating average for this group is 2239! It will, therefore, be a great opportunity for norm seekers to get their IM/GM norms.

Group A starting list (top 20)

No. Name RtgI
1 Andreikin Dmitry 2719
2 Ivanchuk Vassily 2717
3 Inarkiev Ernesto 2693
4 Sasikiran Krishnan 2673
5 Edouard Romain 2644
6 Vocaturo Daniele 2629
7 Adly Ahmed 2626
8 Indjic Aleksandar 2620
9 Lagarde Maxime 2616
10 Gordievsky Dmitry 2614
11 Romanov Evgeny 2614
12 Liang Awonder 2589
13 Peralta Fernando 2584
14 Santos Latasa Jaime 2584
15 Lopez Martinez Josep Manuel 2580
16 Nihal Sarin 2576
17 Petrosyan Manuel 2565
18 Xu Xiangyu 2565
19 Kulaots Kaido 2555

Complete list for Group A

A total of 92 players from 23 federations have enrolled in the Group B Open, with an average rating of 1637. This will serve as a great opportunity for players with a rating less than 1700 ELO to gain international exposure and some ELO points.

Complete player list for group B

Aravindh Chithambaram receives his prize

The 4th edition was won by Aravindh Chithambaram with 7½/9 points and he also crossed the 2600 mark! | Photo: Supriya Bhat

The venue Hotel Sunway Playa Golf Sitges is the official hotel of the Sunway Chess festival. It is situated in a scenic location on the beach. Players are given the Sunway apartments for stay and the organizers also provide the visiting players with bicycles for the entire duration of the tournament. Riding the bicycle along the beach every day is always a refreshing experience before and after the games.

Atul Dahale takes you on a brief video tour

the pool

The heated indoor pool also looks refreshing! | Photo: Supriya Bhat

Awonder Liang simul

Awonder Liang was one of the GMs who gave simul exhibition last year! | Photo: Supriya Bhat

There is one game per day, played in the afternoon at 16:30, beginning Friday, December 14th, plus tons of side events like blitz tournaments, simultaneous exhibitons with grandmasters, daily movie screenings, a cocktail masterclass, tapas workshop, and more (full schedule)! 


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