CBM #217 - Now also for iPad, tablet, Mac, etc.

by ChessBase
1/8/2024 – ChessBase Magazine is breaking new ground. For almost 30 years, a Windows operating system and a ChessBase program were a must for reading the CBM. The new issue #217 (January 2024) is the first one to include full mobile access, so you can load it directly via the web browser on your iPad, tablet, Mac, etc. Thanks to the new ChessBase Books system, all content is available: Analyses, videos, repertoire articles, training exercises and the interactive training videos from the tactics, strategy and endgame columns! We invite you to join us: In this and the coming weeks, we will be offering you a complete CBM article from the current issue for free! The best first: Oliver Reeh's article "Invasion on the back rank" with lots of tactical exercises and four interactive training videos!

ChessBase Magazine 217 ChessBase Magazine 217

FIDE Grand Swiss 2023: 36 analyses by Vidit, Vaishali, Abdusattorov, Deac, Erigaisi, Giri, Praggnanandhaa, A. and M. Muzychuk et al. Opening videos by Kasimdzhanov, Engel and Marin. 11 opening articles with new repertoire ideas from Englisch to Catalan and much more.


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