Fier and Terao are the 2022 Brazilian champions

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12/26/2022 – GM Alexandr Fier and FM Juliana Sayumi Terao obtained outright victories at the Brazilian Championships (open and women’s, respectively). The events took place on December 15-23 at the Hotel Jangadeiro in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. Fier grabbed his fourth national title by scoring 9½/11 points, while Terao dominated the women’s field and obtained a perfect 9/9 to claim her sixth national title. | Photo: Albert Silver (2018)

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Fier’s fourth, Terao’s sixth

Report from the International Chess Federation

GM Alexandr Fier and FM Juliana Sayumi Terao are the new Brazilian chess champions. It is Alexandr’s fourth national title, and a sixth victory in a national championship for Juliana Saymi.

The 88th Absolute Brazilian Championship and the 61st Brazilian Women’s Championship took place at the Hotel Jangadeiro in the city of Recife, capital of Pernambuco, from December 15-23. Both events were Swiss tournaments with classical time control.

Just like last year, the rating favourites Alexandr Fier and the defending champion Luis Paolo Supi started strong, winning four straight games. The latter, however, then fell to Diego Rafael Di Berardino, who grabbed the lead after round 5. Fier beat Di Berardino in Round 7 and pulled ahead.

Coming into the final round a half-point ahead of three players tied for second place, Fier defeated Guimaraes Diogo Duarte with the black pieces and clinched the title with an excellent score of 9½/11. GM Yago De Moura Santiago and IM Roberto Junio Brito Molina finished a half point behind the champion in shared second place. The silver medal goes to Santiago, thanks to a slightly better Buchholz score.

Alexandr Fier

Alexandr Fier holding the champion’s trophy | Photo: FIDE

The Women’s Championship saw rating favourite FM Juliana Sayumi Terao dominating the field. Terao steamrolled her opponents, winning all nine games and securing the title with a round to spare. NM Ellen Larissa Bail netted 7/9 and won silver; the second-rated in the field, Kathie Goulart Librelato, earned bronze.

Juliana Terao

Juliana Terao


Final standings - Open

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Fier Alexandr 9,5 0
2 Santiago Yago De Moura 9 0,5
3 Molina Roberto Junio Brito 9 0,5
4 Lima Darcy 8,5 0
5 Di Berardino Diego Rafael 8 0
6 Matsuura Everaldo 8 0
7 Do Nascimento Christian Almeida 8 0
8 Gauche Charles 8 0
9 Da Silva Erick Feitosa 8 0
10 Alboredo Julia 7,5 0
11 Guimaraes Diogo Duarte 7,5 0
12 Souza Neves Andrey M. 7,5 0
13 Moura Eduardo Eugenio Chaves 7,5 0
14 Nemeth Junior Henrique 7 0
15 Miranda Jr Roberto Calheiros De 7 0

...131 players

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Final standings - Women’s

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Terao Juliana Sayumi 9 0
2 Bail Ellen Larissa 7 0
3 Librelato Kathie Goulart 6,5 0
4 Cincinato Thalita Ariane C. 6 0
5 Tamarozi Isabelle 5,5 0
6 Eger Laura Luisa 5,5 0
7 Correa Lorenna Martins 5,5 0
8 Miranda Marina Lima 5 0
9 Da Cunha Gabriela Goes 5 0
10 Brambilla Renee Blandy T. 5 0
11 Oliveira Emanuelle Alves 5 0
12 Da Silva Cibele Florencio 4,5 0
13 Lira Larissa Morais Nascimento 4,5 0
14 Da Silva Maria Gabriele 4,5 0
15 Coelho Emanuela Regia De Sousa 4 0

...25 players

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