Boris Chatalbashev wins Danish Championship

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4/13/2023 – The Danish Championships 2023 took place on April 1-10, 2023, in Svendborg, a small town that hosted the last five editions. The top event was a 10-player single round-robin. GM Boris Chatalbashev earned his maiden title after scoring 7½ points. GM Jesper Søndergård Thybo finished in sole second place, a full point behind. | Photos: Thomas Vestergård and Ellen Fredericia Nilssen

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Press release by FIDE

GM Boris Chatalbashev emerged as the winner of the 2023 Danish Championship, earning his maiden national title.

The Danish Championships 2023 took place on April 1-10, 2023, in Svendborg, a small town that hosted the last five editions. The event was held in eight different groups, but the national title was at stake only in the National Team Class, a 10-player round-robin with classical time control that brought together the best local players. 

Danish Chess Championship 2023

The Danish Chess Championship has always been a highly competitive tournament, and this year's edition did not disappoint. Suffice it to say that neither participant completed the event unbeaten.

The competition turned into an exciting race between the rating favourite Jonas Buhl Bjerre and Boris Chatalbashev, who took turns at the top of the standings throughout the tournament. It culminated in the final round game in which Jonas, who trailed Boris by a half-point, needed a victory to clinch the title, whereas his opponent was OK with a draw.

Danish Chess Championship 2023

Jonas Buhl Bjerre, playing with the white pieces, got a comfortable position in the Maroczy but had a hard time making any serious progress. Trying to win at any cost, Jonas pushed too hard and handed the advantage to Boris Chatalbashev, which he sure-handedly converted into a win to secure the title. 

Meanwhile, the last year runner-up GM Jesper Søndergaard Thybo (pictured below), who had a poor start, came from behind and took second place finishing on 6½/9. He became the only participant to beat the champion, his clubmate Boris Chatalbashev. 

Danish Chess Championship 2023

GM Allan Stig Rasmussen won his final round game to catch up with Jonas Buhl Bjerre and tie for third place.

Final standings

Rk. Name  TB1 
1 Chatalbashev, Boris 7,5
2 Thybo, Jesper Sondergaard 6,5
3 Rasmussen, Allan Stig 6
  Bjerre, Jonas Buhl 6
5 Borge, Nikolaj 4
  Schandorff, Lars 4
7 Aagaard, Jacob 3
  Olsen, Filip Boe 3
9 Nielsen, Viktor Haarmark 2,5
  Haubro, Martin 2,5

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