Before the Match

by Fernando Offermann
11/10/2016 – The Chess World Championship 2016 is about to begin. The whole world will turn their eyes to New York to see whether World Champion Magnus Carlsen retains his title against challenger Sergey Karjakin. Millions of people all over the world will follow the match via the internet. More than ever before.

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Before the World Championship Match 2016 Carlsen vs. Karjakin in New York

Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin

The world looks to New York – from Asia to America attention turns to a market building near Brooklyn Bridge. Great events such as the Candidates Tournament, the Tal Memorial and the Chess Olympiad in Baku have fascinated chess players, but when Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin meet, the eyes of the world will turn to New York.

Crosstown traffic in New York

New York is the capital of the world, as Rome was once. Three years ago we saw an incredible beehive of excitement in Chennai and New York will counter that with East Coast coolness and absorb the buzz in a more cosmopolitan way. New York is now the capital of chess. Near Wall Street, the Seaport District, Pier 16, with a view to the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge, will become the epicenter of an event which marks the highlight of the last three years in the chess world. But this is also the first World Championship match which allows the viewer be close to the action while sitting in front of his computer at home. The World Chess Federation offers millions of viewers a virtual entry card to the event which offers a direct view of the stage.

The place of battle (Photo: Agon)

21 years ago the city saw another World Championship match, in the World Trade Center, but since then the world has rapidly become interconnected and is more linked than it was during the pioneering times of the internet. To keep some balance and ground it fits that Judit Polgar will commentate the dramatic events on the board. Thanks to her approachable, calm personality and her confident expertise more people will understand and relate to the turbulent events on the board which for outsiders are so often very abstract. News desks all over the world will know how the battle stands and how significant this is. What a leap from the time in which an innocent journalist cabled from Reykjavík to his editors at home: „Fischer wins with trick of the queen!“ – in the 6th game of the World Championship 1972 the challenger had surprised the Russian World Champion with the Queen’s Gambit.

Never before could chess fans follow a World Championship match that closely

We are on site in New York and we will attend the events. But in Hamburg the network cables will also run at full speed. For three decades ChessBase has been an inherent part of the world of chess, more than only one era in our fast times. We communicate with chess players of all levels and want to contribute to make this festival come alive. We are looking forward to great chess in New York City and we are ready. We want to experience and celebrate this festival, we want to understand, discuss, and suffer with a passion. We transmit the match officially live on and we will present events and games with commentary by our authors, and we connect to this planet which in these days of November looks to New York City.

Translation: Johannes Fischer


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koko48 koko48 11/11/2016 07:40
@aighearach There are many things you can call the people in the red Trump hats, that would be much more accurate than 'Yankees'

As a born and bred New Yorker I can tell you that most New Yorkers may not be happy Trump is President, but they may be happy that he's moving to Washington so he finally gets out of the city....The vast majority of Trump's fellow New Yorkers simply cannot stomach the man
Aighearach Aighearach 11/11/2016 07:05
New York is indeed among the expensive mega-cities of the world, but a reminder to complainers that Moscow is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, and they host a lot more chess events than NY.

In addition to being the home of the UN, the only form of world governance in existence on planet Earth, it is also considered the Financial Capital of the World.

Also, lots of chessbase readers think that New Yorkers, also known as Yankees, have their own country and they even confuse it with the USA. America of course, but not New York, is often called the "leader of the Free World."

Advice to travelers: never, ever ever call people in those red Trump hats "Yankees." I mean, don't call anybody in America a "Yankee," unless they're wearing a NY Yankees baseball cap. But the Trump people might rough you up for it.
johnmk johnmk 11/11/2016 04:42
Yes someone brought up NYC as the biggest immigration city -- maybe now it will become the biggest deportation city!
johnmk johnmk 11/11/2016 04:40
New York is definitely one of the most expensive cities where a chess match could take place which excludes a lot of spectators and reporters. It's good for the players that some wealthy patrons could bankroll the match.
geraldsky geraldsky 11/11/2016 02:51
Chess can be the biggest spectators in terms of online views.
koko48 koko48 11/11/2016 02:46
New York is often referred to as the "capital of the world" because it was the biggest immigration center in the world throughout much of its history, and because the United Nations is housed there
Roggenossi Roggenossi 11/11/2016 08:59
Is the live commentary by Judith Polgar available for free, anywhere? Otherwise, what's the best alternative (in addition to my local chess engine)? Thx
jackie jackie 11/11/2016 05:57
KevinC KevinC 11/11/2016 04:16
@Chessspawnvt, thank you for that great news.
Chessspawnvt Chessspawnvt 11/11/2016 03:56
Millions of chess fans from around the world will be able to follow the match on Chess24 and other sites as Agon's corporate plaintiffs motion seeking injunctive relief in Federal District Court, SDNY was DENIED this afternoon.

Per the case docket:
Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Victor Marrero: Preliminary Injunction Hearing held on 11/10/2016. Robert LoBue and Terra Hittson appeared for plaintiffs World Chess US, Inc. and World Chess Events Ltd. Marc Mayer, Patricia Benson and David Gordon appeared for defendants E-Learning Ltd. and Logical Thinking Ltd. Plaintiffs' application for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction was denied. Decision and Order stating the Court's findings, reasoning, and conclusions to be issued subsequently. (DAS) (Entered: 11/10/2016
Chessspawnvt Chessspawnvt 11/11/2016 03:25
NYC is not the capital of the world. It's the center of the Universe.
caliche2016 caliche2016 11/11/2016 02:26
"New York is the capital of the world, as Rome was once". What an impressive lesson on modern history by Mr. Offermann! According to the logic behind this "fact", is Trump now president (or emperor??) of the world?? lol
Malcom Malcom 11/10/2016 11:55
Yes benavas3, Rome was clearly the capital of the World during a long period of time where the Roman Empire ruled with an iron fist...or did you not learn history!?!?
benavas3 benavas3 11/10/2016 10:47
Didn't know that NY was "the capital of the world". And "as Rome was once"?!
zookid zookid 11/10/2016 10:20
I'm looking for a baby orangutan. possibly a bird, but more likely an elephant gambit.
kabayo2015 kabayo2015 11/10/2016 09:44
No English. I wish for a novelty to be named the New York variation in the Russian game. That'd be awesome!
maac2002 maac2002 11/10/2016 09:31
So, please a match full of englsh! 'unkown', open, and full of posibilties to creativity.
emerlion emerlion 11/10/2016 08:51
In terms of opening. Will it be a Berlin festival? Or will it be a side-line festival? Could also be lots of English openings. I will be very surprised if they go on other paths.