Bauer wins 2015 French Rapid Ch

by Christophe Philippe
2/26/2015 – A record 234 players, including over 30 masters and grandmasters, came to Nancy, France, last weekend to play a blitz tournament on Saturday, and on Sunday the French Rapid Championship. This was the 13th edition of the «Festival du Conseil General» which has alternated between standard round-robins one year, and rapid opens the next. A pictorial by IM Christophe Philippe.

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The Russian GM Vladimir Dobrov won the 500 Euros first prize in the Blitz, but it was French number five GM Christian Bauer, playing in front of a home crowd, who finished the big winner of the weekend by winning the Rapid first prize of 1000 Euros, plus the 500 Euros bonus for French champion.

It was nice to see many strong female players fighting against the male grandmasters. The strongest French female player of all time GM Marie Sebag came to prepare for the next World cup. She won the top female prize in Blitz but had to concede the 400 Euro first place in the Rapid to Anastasia Savina.

Banner of the 13th edition

The trophy awaiting the 2015 French Rapid chess champion

The event saw 152 players show up for the Saturday blitz and 217 for the Rapid on Sunday

Fortunately it was possible to put everybody in the same room

Rows and rows of chess

Pairings were displayed on a giant screen which also served to show the top four games live

Players of all genders and ages fought in the same competition

Young, old, or disabled: chess is for everybody

In what other sport could you see this fight ??!!

Some stars such as Tkachiev and Fressinet had to fight to get back to first boards
after very early second round loss

In Nancy, one of the dreams of some participants over the last 13 years is to enter
the famous « circle », the top ten boards

Here the main (and giant) arbiter Eric Delmotte takes care of you

The 2015 edition enjoyed the participation of many charming and strong female players

Here French number five, Christophe Bauer had to concede a half point to WGM Doluhanova

WIM Andriasian against French number six, GM Tkachiev

The very friendly German IM Haub is apparently happy to face WGM Savina

The star among the women was GM Marie Sebag

As always in Nancy the spectators had many fights to follow after their own had ended

It was a comeback for the controversial Sebastien Feller who was allowed to play
because the tournament was not FIDE rated. In any case, his FIDE suspension after
the cheating story of 2010 will end in a few months.

Savina against top-seed of the week-end Laurent Fressinet

A very nice weekend for Christian Bauer who came in third in the blitz and first in the rapid

Fred Berend from Luxemburg had a fantastic blitz event, coming in sixth

Players milled around all boards, not just the top, to follow the action up close

A key clash between Bauer and Fressinet

A classic Parisian clash since Fedorchuk and Guliyev play each other almost every
weekend in the French capital

The best young player was German Lev Yankelevich here against Guliyev

The loneliness of endgame players

Poster of the soon-to-be-released "le Tournoi"

President of the French Chess Federation, Diego Salazar, was present

Here he is with Stephane Laborde, the author of a new refreshed edition of
bestseller book of Philidor, the great French player of 18th century

Joelle Mourgues, director of communication of the French Federation

Arbiters Cedric Paci and Eric Delmotte

The women's podium of blitz on Saturday evening

The final podium male and female of French Rapid championship on Sunday evening

Final blitz standings

Rk  Ti. Name Rtg Rap Pts Perf
1 g DOBROV Vladimir 2603 R 9 2670
2 g TKACHIEV Vladislav 2600 R 9 2669
3 g BAUER Christian 2700 R 9 2729
4 g GULIYEV Namig 2520 R 2566
5 g SHCHEKACHEV Andrei 2600 R 2515
6 m BEREND Fred 2380 R 8 2369
7   DEVALLEE Jeremie 2430 R 8 2335
8 g FEDORCHUK Sergey A. 2730 R 8 2708
9 g GOPAL G.N. 2538 R 8 2527
10   LE RUYET Leopold 2410 R 8 2405
11 m HAUB Thorsten Michael 2478 R 8 2334
12 f TIMMERMANS Mark 2070 R 8 2300
13 g SEBAG Marie 2520 R 8 2497
14 g FRESSINET Laurent 2980 R 2739
15 g ARUN PRASAD S. 2486 R 2412

Click for complete standings

Final rapid standings

Rk Ti. Name Rtg Rap Pts Perf
1 g BAUER Christian 2610 R 2746
2 g FRESSINET Laurent 2550 R 2650
3 g SHCHEKACHEV Andrei 2550 R 7 2598
4 g TKACHIEV Vladislav 2600 R 7 2602
5 g GOPAL G.N. 2538 R 7 2618
6   YANKELEVICH Lev 2206 R 7 2496
7 m HAUB Thorsten Michael 2478 R 7 2444
8 g DOBROV Vladimir 2603 R 2643
9 g ARUN PRASAD S. 2486 R 2462
10 m SAVINA Anastasia 2354 R 2383
11 g FELLER Sebastien 2440 R 2427
12 g SEBAG Marie 2520 R 2418
13   LABORDE Stephane 2360 R 2248
14   DEVALLEE Jeremie 2280 R 2311
15 f TADDEI Benoit 2310 R 2278
16 gf DOLUHANOVA Evgeniya 2250 R 2272
17 f LECONTE Jean-Olivier 2490 R 2290
18   KARAGYOZIAN Edgar 2370 R 6 2357
19 m BEREND Fred 2380 R 6 2328
20 m CALISTRI Tristan 2320 R 6 2265

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Photos by Christophe Philippe


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