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by Martin Fischer
11/18/2020 – 90 minutes online chess training with PowerPlay author Grandmaster Daniel King. This is the first prize in the 4th tournament of the Autumn Series on Playchess, a nine round Swiss blitz tournament that will start on Wednesday, November 18, 20.00 CET (19:00 UTC, 14:00 ET). As in all tournaments of the Autumn Series, the games will be played under real names.

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Daniel King is one of the most popular chess trainers and presenters. He gained his first TV experience during the chess programmes English television showed during the 1993 World Championship between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short. His almost daily TV presence made him so famous that King was even booked by an advertising agency for an Audi-commercial.

King also made a name for himself as an author an when ChessBase began with its Fritztrainer video course series, he was one of the first to recognise the potential and created his "PowerPlay" DVDs, recording all DVDs in English and in German. By now he has made no less than 28 DVD, each in two languages, i.e. 56 DVDs, with a length of about five hours per DVD. On each DVD he presents his topics in an instructive way and with a light and easy touch.

On top of that King also has a YouTube channel, where he presents current and classical games. And each Friday he offers ChessBase readers his PowerPlay show. When Daniel King isn't recording anything, he gives private chess lessons. 


Daniel King during simul

If you want to have one-on-one training with Daniel King, take part in the next tournament in the ChessBase Autumn Series, in which the first prize is a 90-minute online training with King.

(André Schulz)

Daniel King's homepage...

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Autumn Series # 4

The tournaments of the Autumn Series are special. The participants play under their real names, and you know your opponent. The prizes are also special. In tournament #4 the first prize is a 90-minute online training with Daniel King. The other winners and the winners in the rating groups will win ChessBase Premium Memberships.

Invitation to the blitz tournament on November 18, 2020:

Mode, date and times, virtual venue

Individual blitz, nine rounds Swiss, 3+2, November 18;

Registration at the latest 19.45 CET.

Round 1: 20.00
Round 2: 20.15
Round 3: 20.30
Round 4: 20.45
Round 5: 21.00
Round 6: 21.15
Round 7: 21.30
Round 8: 21.45
Round 9: 22.00

The tournament will end around 22.20.

The respective round does not start before the specified time, but no later than three minutes after the end of the previous round.

Scoring + Prizes

Points count most, then progressive scoring, and finally Buchholz.


  • 1st place: 90 minutes online training with GM Daniel King;
  • 2nd place: 1 year ChessBase Premium;
  • 3rd place: 6 months ChessBase Premium.

Rating prizes

A rating of 2200 or less

Prize: 1 year ChessBase Premium

A rating of 1900 or less

Prize: 1 year ChessBase Premium

Winning two prizes is not possible. The prize that is won is the one of higher value. First of all the FIDE-Elo is decisive. If none is known the national rating decides. Players without a rating will be counted as players with a rating of 1900 or less.


Registration ends on November 18, 19.45. Please register with this link.

Results and standings of the tournaments will be updated continuously on chess-results:


The tournament will be played on, in the virtual tournament room "Herbstserie". It can be accessed via the current client (part of the programs ChessBase 14 or 15, Fritz 16 or 17, Komodo 13 oder 14, (free download under ), under tournaments "Herbstserie 2020"

and via the webbrowser with the link

To play in these blitz tournaments you do need a Premium Account.


Martin Fischer, born 1962, is a ChessBase staffer who, among other things, organizes and holds seminars throughout Europe and helps administer


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