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11/28/2017 – Wesley So is in Hamburg and paying the ChessBase headquarters a visit before he's playing the London Chess Classic. In a special webcast Wesley will do a Q&A on Tuesday november 28. Get your questions into the comment section which will be picked up in the live broadcast.

Fritz 16 - He just wants to play! Fritz 16 - He just wants to play!

Fritz 16 is looking forward to playing with you, and you're certain to have a great deal of fun with him too. Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with "Easy play" and "Assisted analysis" modes.


Wesley So live webcast

At approximately 17:00 CET (11:00 EST) on Tuesday november 28, Wesley So will be our guest in the ChessBase studio.

Update November 28th [Macauley]Wesley's memory of Corus 2010 was correct, and mine was wrong. The game I was thinking of was indeed So 0-1 Giri, a Petroff in which So was completely winning, but blundered a mate in two in time pressure. He did play Negi in the same tournament, but that was a draw in a Kan — exactly as he recalled! Here are the two games:


Questions for Wesley

Magnus Carlsen

We received some great questions for Wesley So.

All questions received by 16:45 CET will be entered into a random drawing for a copy of Fritz 16 signed by Wesley So himself!

(You're welcome to ask more than one question, but will receive one entry per ChessBase account holder).

On Friday, he'll be off again, this time to the London Chess Classic.

But before that he joins us for his second visit to the ChessBase HQ. And you can be there too! Tune in shortly after 17:00 for a live webcast Q & A and a look at one of his recent games.

You can watch on-demand above, or on the Ask the Experts category of the ChessBase Videos portal. Afterwards the interview will also be available for on-demand replay.

Fritz 16 - He just wants to play!

Fritz 16 is looking forward to playing with you, and you're certain to have a great deal of fun with him too. Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with "Easy play" and "Assisted analysis" modes.



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shaemcphee shaemcphee 11/28/2017 04:04
How important is knowledge of chess history (famous games, players, and development of theory) to becoming a strong player?
Lemon69 Lemon69 11/28/2017 03:00
Hi Wes,

When you were still playing under Philippines, who among the Filipino chessmasters you look up to? Any favorite or unforgettable match you had with one of the RP chessmasters before? When and what is the name of that event or competition?
AnikaMar AnikaMar 11/28/2017 02:52
Hi Wesley, among the women chess players, has anyone caught your attention? Play-wise or looks maybe?
arturchix arturchix 11/28/2017 01:28
What is your reaction when you see somebody eating a sandwich during the game?
FlyFifer FlyFifer 11/28/2017 01:02
When playing at your level is preparation.
What are the differences in preparation for a match against an individual opponent as compared to preparation for a tournament?
thirteen thirteen 11/28/2017 12:49
I guess that my question to SUCH a strong player is going to be more or less just the same as many others, but I would very much like to ask it anyway.
As most chess players are perhaps of club-hobby strength within the 2000 range, our general study time is only about 2-3 hours whenever this can be found, daily, or several times weekly if we get lucky, or are that bit more serious than the rest. Wesley, how would you suggest we can improve beyond that level, within those limits?
Best wishes for your clearly bright and long future.
The_naked_king The_naked_king 11/28/2017 12:34
Hi Wesley,

1- What is your opinion about Rodrigo Duterte's anti-drug policies and its possible human rights violations ?
2- If you would have to play against Magnus Carlsen for the WC , what would your approach with regards to his style, specially on the end game stage ?

Thank you
Jorge Shinozaki Jorge Shinozaki 11/28/2017 12:31
One more question:
What do you think about Chess960?
xaaji yare xaaji yare 11/28/2017 11:51
I am xaaji yare hi wesley I like your chess attack can be strong chess player?
aryan7 aryan7 11/28/2017 11:35
1. for openings do you use correspondence chess.
2. do you apply candidate moves principle, prophylaxis priniciple . And what should all amateurs try to apply throughout the game
charlesthegreat charlesthegreat 11/28/2017 10:39
Hi Wesley, perhaps a bit early, but have you thought about opening your own chess school in the Philippines ? I think it would be hugely popular.
antopanthallookaran antopanthallookaran 11/28/2017 10:20
i learn a lot of chess but cannot apply to my game what i can do overcome it
cannnjan cannnjan 11/28/2017 10:02
Hi Wesley,

- How do you keep yourself focused on chess?
- How do you train yourself physically and mentally?
- Who is your most favorite chess player?
- Who is your most dangerous opponent nowadays?

I wish you all the best!

Jan (Czech Republic)
gypsy_danger gypsy_danger 11/28/2017 09:36
Hi Wesley,

You are among the best players in the world. Your attacking skills often impressed even the strongest of grandmasters. You are among the favorites to win the candidates. I wanted to ask you two questions:

1. To which past world champion you find more yourself similar in style and which one among the past WC has influenced you the most.
2. In what areas are you stronger than Magnus Carlsen?
hlinik hlinik 11/28/2017 07:22
Hi Wesley, Your favorite chess engine?
Tyrogue Tyrogue 11/28/2017 07:19
Hi Wesley,

You've had an up and down year 2017, and there are some big challenges ahead in 2018. How are you planning to prepare for 2018, and which areas of your game do you think you need to improve on? Have you got a second or a team of seconds working with you now?
will2win will2win 11/28/2017 04:42
Hello Wesley!
How to stay calm during the game?

happyforever happyforever 11/28/2017 04:10
Hello Wesley!
I land up in time pressure in most of my games. I have played many blitz games but I don't think it has helped me in this problem. How to overcome time pressure?

Thank you!
babypawn babypawn 11/28/2017 04:00
Hi Wesley!
I am facing problems converting advantages in chess. How to win a won position?

Ultimatebliss Ultimatebliss 11/28/2017 03:56
Hi Wesley! I am 15 years old. My rating is around 2000. I am very passionate about chess. How many tournaments should I play in a year? Which types of tournaments are suitable for me?

Thank you!
KV_Bobby_Fischer KV_Bobby_Fischer 11/27/2017 06:17
Hi Wesley, what is your opinion about computers and chess?
doublexclam doublexclam 11/27/2017 05:59
What mentor(s) have you had in the past that you would say have positively impacted your development as a GM, and in your opinion what is the most valuable advice have you received from them?
Dark Lord_12 Dark Lord_12 11/27/2017 02:28
You are now nearly the top player of the world. But do you have enough confidence for becoming the World Champion?
With Regards,
Nafim Nafim 11/27/2017 02:18
GM Wesley So,
Which books do you think helped you more than any other till achieving your GM title?

Fan of your strategy,
fructosobedogus fructosobedogus 11/27/2017 01:14
Hi Wesley.
My question is: at what moment you felt you made a leap forward of quality in your play, and what you think was the most important technical factor for that.
Jorge Shinozaki Jorge Shinozaki 11/27/2017 12:49
Hi, Wesley.
Just curious to know who inspired you to play chess and what chess is for you.
Aeonmiguel Aeonmiguel 11/27/2017 12:24
Hi Wes! 10 yr old here from the Philippines. When you were a kid, what is your favorite opening reportoire for white and black? Thank you.
tanmanyo tanmanyo 11/27/2017 10:27
Hello Wesley So, I am so curious about What does your name mean ?
BSS BSS 11/27/2017 10:05
macauley macauley 11/27/2017 09:57
Please ask your questions here in the comments! (Apologies for the small blunder of the comments initially being closed!)