Anand set to support Dvorkovich’s reelection bid

by Carlos Alberto Colodro
4/1/2022 – FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich visited Delhi to sign a contract with the All India Chess Federation granting the Asian country the rights to host this year’s Olympiad. At a press conference, Dvorkovich announced his intention to run for a second term as FIDE President, and informed that Vishy Anand would actively support him in his reelection bid. | Photo: FIDE

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A surprising decision

A FIDE delegation headed by Arkady Dvorkovich paid a three-day visit to India. The purpose of the trip was to inspect the venue for the 44th Chess Olympiad, discuss the road map for the event, and sign the contract with the All India Chess Federation (AICF). The FIDE President also held a round of meetings with all the relevant authorities from the Asian Country.

After officially signing the contract, Dvorkovich announced in a press conference that he will be running for a second term as FIDE President. The official Twitter account of the International Federation shared the following statement:

The past four years have been challenging for all of us, but I am proud to acknowledge that I personally, and the entire FIDE leadership team, have worked with full dedication for the benefit of chess all over the world. However, there are even more important tasks ahead. In this situation, I consider it is my moral duty to confirm that I intend to run for the second Presidential term.

The FIDE Congress, in which the election will take place, is set to run concurrently with the Olympiad, from July 28 to August 10.

Notably, it was also announced that former world champion Viswanathan Anand will support Dvorkovich in his bid for a reelection. The 52-year-old grandmaster has become more active in supporting young Indian players as of late, focusing less on his career as an active player.

As reported by Times of India, it is not yet clear in what capacity the living legend of the sport will be involved. However, Anand did not hesitate to praise the work done by the FIDE President during his first term:

I am willing and determined to work with this team. It is a wonderful team led by Dvorkovich, and they have done a lot for the sport. As and when a decision will be taken, I will let you know.

Arkadiy Dvorkovich, Vishy Anand

Perhaps it is not surprising that Anand wants to get more involved in chess politics, but the fact that he is doing it amid controversies surrounding Dvorkovich will surely raise some eyebrows. In an interview for Mother Jones, Dvorkovich, a former senior Kremlin official, dared to call Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine a ‘war’, as he reflected:

My thoughts are with Ukrainian civilians. Wars do not just kill priceless lives. Wars kill hopes and aspirations, freeze or destroy relationships and connections.

Soon after, though, the Skolkovo Foundation published a patriotic statement written by Dvorkovich, who at the time was its chairman. Although he clearly avoided talking directly about the current war, the FIDE President did show his nationalistic zeal:

I, like all post-war children, was brought up on patriotism: with the memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War and the hatred of Nazism. I am sincerely proud of the courage of our soldiers, who at all times defended their homeland and freedom.

[...] Today Russia continues to live under tough but meaningless sanctions. But we will rise to the challenge. We are ready to respond with technological breakthroughs and our own development. This has always been the case.

We are about four months away from the start of the Chess Olympiad. Many things can happen during that period, both on the geopolitical stage and the chess world. Anand’s support of Dvorkovich sends a strong message from a man who has been a remarkable ambassador of the game in India and internationally. We can only wait and see how the rest of the chess community reacts to this unanticipated development.


Carlos Colodro is a Hispanic Philologist from Bolivia. He works as a freelance translator and writer since 2012. A lot of his work is done in chess-related texts, as the game is one of his biggest interests, along with literature and music.
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arzi arzi 4/4/2022 01:15
To chessbibliophile, If I`m a racist, how can it be even possible when there are no different races in humanity? Have we read different books about human gene?

Genetic research:"Genetic research of skin color confirmed: Man/woman is one race".

Now your racist theory of me broke like a bad chess opening!
arzi arzi 4/4/2022 01:01
chessbibliophile: "You can wage this toxic war with other readers as much as you like. I am not going to spend precious time looking at them, no, not even a second with a racist like you."

Could you please show the place for my racist writing? Where are they? Do you know that the world's population has doubled in 50 years. China about double and India more than triple? Yes, between that time Fischer became a WC in Reykjavik and Carlsen in last year in Dubai. Is it because of my "racist" writing, this population explosion?
arzi arzi 4/4/2022 12:27
chessbibliophile:This a chess site and I shall forbear from commenting on non-chess issues, especially with a TROLL like you."

Well, well is it chessbibliophile answering? You are the guy who FIRST send a question to me and then says that he is NOT going to answer any of my writings. Hah! Yep, that is you. By the way, feel free to READ those lines below all the way from the beginning. Not just my writings. If I`m a troll then you are a WITCH.
chessbibliophile chessbibliophile 4/4/2022 12:25
@ Isle Doc,
I have commented any number of times on Russia and Ukraine issue here. My understanding is also tempered by awareness of superpower rivalry and how both America and Russia are guilty of war crimes and human rights abuse. With America it began with Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also culminating in the Vietnam war. There are war crimes galore by Israel in Palestine, abetted by the U.S. Government. They are going on for years. Does anyone care? There are double standards:

Harold Pinter saw it long ago::

There is also a listing of the war crimes by the USA and how it benefits from the war in Ukraine here:

I am not into flag-waving nationalism, racism and deliberate bashing of one country or the other.
Perhaps you would have something more to say. I won’t be able to see it, though. I have other pressing commitments.
If possible, focus on the main issue, Arkady Dvorkovich and his bid for FIDE presidency backed by Vishwnathan Anand
chessbibliophile chessbibliophile 4/4/2022 12:18
@Isle Doc,
This is a chess site and so I shall limit myself to the minimum on non-chess issues. War crimes are seldom condemned by governments. They are reported by press and media. They are condemned by ordinary citizens and human right groups.
Don’t rely too much on generalizations like “the land of Gandhi and ashrams”.
(I do hope, though, every one in the Western world keeps off “ashrams” and godmen of India. They sell a spurious “spirituality” and it is a billion dollar industry)
You have to know a lot more about what is happening today in India. Be better informed about the good, bad and the ugly in the subcontinent.
A little clarification: Successive Governments of India have had a complex and ambivalent relationship with the USA and the former USSR. But the people of India have had little direct interaction with Russia. They have a closer relationship with the USA on account of cultural and familial ties. English is a common bond. Besides, there is a vast NRI population out there in the USA.
chessbibliophile chessbibliophile 4/4/2022 12:17
This a chess site and I shall forbear from commenting on non-chess issues, especially with a TROLL like you.
The world has a population of 7.9 billion and India has 1.4 billion people. In your view it’s a crime against the planet to have so many people. It’s “unmanageable”. India has sufficient food reserves and funds to manage it all. Her people can look after themselves. Have they come and sought your help? The people in India can look after themselves. You have primitive semi-literate notions of population dating back to Malthus. I would have recommended a couple of books on demography in India for your understanding. However, you are not the serious, reading kind.
You can wage this toxic war with other readers as much as you like. I am not going to spend precious time looking at them, no, not even a second with a racist like you.
arzi arzi 4/4/2022 12:08
FF:"Yes, arzi, India is to blame for about any problem in this world. And hadn't they invented chess, a lot of intelligent people would be available for solving these problems. Such a shame."

Did I write anything like this:
"India is to blame for about any problem in this world"

Read again. I answered to Isledoc about his/her words:"...should not stop them calling out war crimes and crimes against humanity for what they are."

Does humanity belong only to a group of war crimes or also to chess? Do people die more in wars than hunger and diseases? It would be nice to know who or what civilized state invented weapons for the big wars. Those weapons have not anything to do with hunting, unless talking about man/woman/children hunting? Feel free to answer this chess topic.
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 4/4/2022 11:19
Yes, arzi, India is to blame for about any problem in this world. And hadn't they invented chess, a lot of intelligent people would be available for solving these problems. Such a shame.
arzi arzi 4/4/2022 09:10
Isledoc:"...should not stop them calling out war crimes and crimes against humanity for what they are."

Of course not but maybe Intia should do something about their unmanageable population growth. The unmanageable population growth in every where in our planet (especially in India) is also a "crime" against all of us, not just against people.
Isledoc Isledoc 4/4/2022 04:47
India may have 'a very complex and ambivalent relationship with the USA and the former USSR' but that should not stop them calling out war crimes and crimes against humanity for what they are. So much for the land of ashrams and Gandhi, goodbye to all that.
pshuk pshuk 4/3/2022 10:32
Anand is not at all political. It is definitely a nice April Fool. Don't even have to read the article :-)
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 4/3/2022 05:42
As I wrote before, MK Stalin didn't choose his own name: his parents (or father) did. That might be a consequence of ignorance about his infamous namesake, as chessbibliophile hinted.
I'm also quite well aware that you can't compare Indian and European politics. What I merely wanted to show is that he is not the leader of a communist party, which might otherwise be a pointer to old ties.
Also, MK Stalin is not a member of the Indian government (which he clearly opposes), but is only connected to the Tamil Nadu government.
So, the covert allegation that he is pro-Putin is just based on his name. It could be otherwise, but I haven't yet seen any proof of it.
sivakumar R sivakumar R 4/3/2022 04:43
Frits Fritschy,
Yes, there is no links with Soviet Union, only reverence...
chessbibliophile chessbibliophile 4/3/2022 04:39
@sivakumar and @ Frits Fritschy,
India has had a very complex and ambivalent relationship with both the USA and the the former USSR. It cannot be summed up in an internet comment. Besides, this is a chess site. Any way let me bebrief. India was right to follow the Non-aligned path after independence,, but it was not consistent. It acquiesced into the annexation of Tibet by China in 1950. Its response was muted in 1956 (Budapest) and 1968 (Prague). In fairness it would not have gone into Soviet embrace but for the arrogance of successive U.S. Governments that armed and supported Pakistan, a hostile neighbour of India. Indian security experts have constantly cautioned about India’s dependence on one country, the former USSR and the present Russia.
When a nation is economically and militarily self-reliant, it cannot be bullied by superpowers.
Discerning citizens of India would always be ashamed the Government of India obliging Putin with abstention after abstention at the UNO over the Ukraine issue. Part of the reason was the safety of 1700 odd students stuck in Ukraine during early phase of the war and the Government of India had to plead for their safe return. Still one student lost his life in Russian bombing. There has not been a squeak of protest from the Government of India to date. Any way the dependence over Russia is particularly dangerous for India, especially when both Russia and China have now become allies.
chessbibliophile chessbibliophile 4/3/2022 04:31
@Frits Fritschy,
When it comes to history and politics, there is mutual ignorance between nations and continents. The ruling party in Tamil Nadu and its ideology does not fit into categories like “Social Democrats” that has a specific European context dating back to early 20th Century. Dravidian movement that forms the foundation of DMK and Anna DMK parties is a complex blend of race, language caste and community in South India. Its identity politics cannot be reduced to one denominator like opposition to Hindi.
Our fellow reader has good reason to feel embarrassed by a name like Stalin that the Chief Minister has. For he has a fair idea of what Stalin did. But most Tamils won’t, as Stalin is dead and gone long since. He is barely mentioned in history books and that too only in the context of the Second World War. But then if I ask people in Europe and the USA what they know of Indian political leaders, past and present, it may not go beyond Gandhi, Nehru and Modi, the present Prime Minister of India. I don’t blame them, though.
P.S.: As you know, Stalin cult is on the rise in Putin’s Russia. If he comes to Madras and meets his namesake, he will compliment him on the choice of his name by his parents.
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 4/3/2022 02:15
Yes, I already noticed that. MK Stalin can't help it his father gave him that name (he was born a few days after the death of the soviet leader). He is, as far as I could find, the leader of a party with a Dravidian background (opposing central government in India which is strongly Hindi-based), socialdemocratic in character. I can't find any other links between him or his party, and soviet sympathies. So the base of whatever you try to say is rather thin.
sivakumar R sivakumar R 4/3/2022 11:03
A sour info for some readers.... In the middle of the group photo, in full white attire is the honorable chief minister of Tamilnadu state (hosting the event)- his name is..... Stalin!

Indeed speaks volumes of ties with Russia.... not surprising since India won its independence from British (or NATO (in a way)).
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 4/3/2022 09:41
Anand is also quoted in the Mother Jones article about Dvorkovich. He may seem a bit naive about FIDE's influence, but I don't think there is any reason to doubt his reaction is genuine.
chessbibliophile chessbibliophile 4/3/2022 04:25
Anand is not just an “Ambassador of Chess”.
He is also an ambassador of “World Environment”.
The other day he posted a tweet,
"We have no choice but to take responsibility for our planet".
An “admiring” Ukraine grandmaster, Mikhail Golubev retweeted the same with his comment,
“And there is no such thing as war. OK.”
Leavenfish Leavenfish 4/3/2022 12:48
Agreed as well (which is unusual...). The truth is that he is the best (granted, open ended term...perhaps 'all around best' ) head of FIDE since...gee, do we have to go back to Olaffson or Euwe?
Jacob woge Jacob woge 4/2/2022 09:32
Agree with Keshava.
arzi arzi 4/2/2022 08:46
I think Dvorkovich has done a good job. Accusing him for Putin's acts is a bit stupid. Fascist? They were in Italy. Stalinist? In Soviet Union, yes. Dvorkovich stalinist, I don' think so. Let's focus on Putin, not randomly selected on any Russian.
ChessSpawnVermont ChessSpawnVermont 4/2/2022 03:01
Is this really surprising given India's position that it will continue to use and depend on Russian oil despite Putin's invasion of Ukraine? I think not. To be expected......
Keshava Keshava 4/2/2022 11:08
Dvorkovich has been good for FIDE. Getting rid of him may hurt FIDE but will not help Ukraine.
AWSoP AWSoP 4/2/2022 09:56
@Fritschy, Carlos: your article is perfectly right as it is. Dvorkovich is representative of the oppressive, fascist russian system, he was deputy pime-minister during Crimea invasion and the Kremlin murders and he said nothing. Having Anand backing him is deeply disappointing although not unexpected, unfortunately.
e-mars e-mars 4/2/2022 12:44
Unfortunately not an April's fools
chessgod0 chessgod0 4/2/2022 12:34
I don't care who wins the FIDE presidency...but I'm glad to see anti-Russia attitudes being challenged. Individuals Russians should not be held accountable for the actions of their gov't. I'm American and I definitely would not want to be held responsible for the 1 million Iraqis deaths the US caused with its 2003 invasion of that country.

Enough is enough.
Exclam Exclam 4/2/2022 12:28
April fools 🤔
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 4/1/2022 11:38
Carlos, I would like you to give your personal opinion about Dvorkovich in a clear way. It seems you don't like or trust him. No problems with that. Just say it and don't pretend that everybody in the non-Russian world agrees with that using words like 'unanticipated'. You seem to see Anand's support as slightly outrageous. Anand not just 'has been' an ambassador of chess, he still is. About Dvorkovich' 'nationalistic zeal', see Dubov's interview defending him because of the very difficult position he is in, which is, by the way, aggravated by him being a former Kremlin official. He is not, in the eyes of the regime, a 'nobody' like Dubov.
Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 4/1/2022 11:07
World War III is going to happen, if nobody stops Putin . he is a maniac. crazy. He bombed Syria to the ground in ruins with Assad.
Anand is done with chess and he did well, there are no more things to gain for him, besides grabbing a pawn here and there. He won everything.