Anand's insights about Ding Liren vs Ian Nepomniachtchi

by ChessBase
5/8/2023 – When Vishy Anand talks about World Championship matches, he knows what he's talking about. He was World Champion from 2007 to 2013, played six World Championship matches and one World Championship tournament, and reached the final of the World Knockout Championships twice. In an interview with Sagar Shah, Anand takes a look at the World Championship match between Ding Liren and Ian Nepomniachtchi and talks about the critical moments of the games, opening preparation, match psychology, Magnus Carlsen and the future of the World Chess Championship.

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0:00 - Sagar's journey to Chennai starts!
0:43 - In Vishy Anand's home! Was this one of the most exciting World Championship matches of all time?
2:58 - The overall level of play in World Championship 2023 compared to the other matches
5:11 - Game 1 - an exciting draw
7:00 - Game 2 - What was 4.h3?
11:25 - Ding's prep leaked in lichess
12:42 - Game 3 - a small miss by Nepomniachtchi
13:37 - Game 4 - Ding's energetic play
20:16 - Game 5 - Nepo's powerful d3 Ruy Lopez
24:26 - Game 6 - Ding plays the London system in a WC match for the first time
30:09 - Game 7 - The resurrection of French Defense in World Championships
39:00 - Game 8 - Ding Liren's Cannonball prep: Ra2!?
47:53 - What is it about the World Championship which puts so much pressure on players?
52:40 - Game 9 - Going for the Berlin
54:34 - Vishy's moment of panic before facing Kramnik for the World Championship match
57:30 - Game 10 - High-class preparation by Nepo
59:30 - Game 11 - Nepo rushing with it
1:00:47 - Game 12 - most dramatic of them all?
1:08:05 - Game 13 - Ian's actual meltdown
1:13:24 - Game 14 - Ng5: Interesting or dubious?
1:17:08 - Rapid tiebreaks game 1 - Brilliant defense by Nepomniachtchi
1:17:45 - Rapid tiebreaks game 2 - a missed opportunity
1:18:09 - Rapid tiebreaks game 3 - Both players get a break
1:18:24 - Rapid tiebreaks game 4 - The game which decided it all
1:26:33 - Ding's reaction after becoming the World Champion
1:28:52 - The situation now with Ding Liren and Magnus Carlsen
1:30:10 - Magnus Carlsen's decision to not defend his title
1:31:40 - Nepo and Ding's team of seconds
1:33:14 - Is there a need to change the format of WCC?
1:34:40 - Thank you Vishy for your insights!

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