An old rivalry: Bishop vs Knight

by Karsten Müller
3/30/2021 – Who is better - bishop or knight? This is an old question and the answer usually is: "It depends". At any rate, the duel knight against bishop is often intriguing and full of surprise. In the diagram position the knight seems to give White good chances to win the game, but in fact Black's bishop can secure the draw. How?

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Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 3/31/2021 11:00
It's not that difficult (except on increment after 139 moves) when you see the white king shouldn't get access to d5 - you will have to need a check with the white king on b4.
mdamien mdamien 3/31/2021 06:25
An interesting puzzle, but in terms of that question, "Who is better - bishop or knight?" it somewhat stands on its head. On the face of it, since the bishop holds when down a pawn, the puzzle would suggest some admiration for the qualities of the bishop. Here, though, there is only one saving line for the bishop, and not at all an obvious one. On the other hand, if the roles were reversed with a white bishop at b7 and a black knight at f4, the knight would have no trouble at all drawing.
PhishMaster PhishMaster 3/31/2021 04:40
I just looked at this 8-piece position on LiChess, which incorporates a 7-piece tablebase. It confirms that Bg3 was the only saving move, and since that is the case, there is no way in a practical game that black stood a chance.
Nordlandia Nordlandia 3/31/2021 09:34
The number of positions in which a bishop is better a than knight is greater than the number of positions in which a knight is better than a bishop.

However, the knight is stronger in rapid/blitz than it is in classical time controls.
Bill Alg Bill Alg 3/30/2021 02:28
Yeah well, interesting, but I wonder how many people are supposed to solve this kind of problem. I for one find it very complicated, simply too difficult.