All London Chess Classic interviews

by Macauley Peterson
12/11/2017 – The official Grand Chess Tour webcast is a treasure trove of information, and the best, most convenient way to hear directly from the players after nearly every game. But at five hours or more, it can be tiresome to scan through each days full show to find the interesting guests spots. No more! We've pinpointed every major interview for one-click access.

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Quick access to all the guests

Just as we did for the Sinquefield Cup and the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz in August, here's a handy guide to find out what your favorite players and chess personalities had to say, each day. Players are sorted into pairs according to each round's pairings.

Click or tap on any name to open the corresponding part of the day's live webcast to the time of the interview (opens a new tab).

Round 1 took place at the headquarters of Google DeepMind. All other rounds were played at the traditional London Chess Classic venue at the Olympia Conference Centre.

The players at right are shown in order of their final standing.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Macauley is Editor in Chief of ChessBase News in Hamburg, Germany, and producer of The Full English Breakfast chess podcast. He was an Associate Producer of the 2016 feature documentary, Magnus.
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kwamehooker kwamehooker 12/17/2017 06:54
He's causcasion, it's acceptable to behave like a sore loser. Sarcasm here....Magnus is great player but is soft mentally in terms of character.
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/15/2017 12:41
@ dysanfel : But I also think that, quite probably, you wouldn't in fact have done this... it is quite easy to say this anonymously behind one's computer, but it is quite a differently story to do this "in real life", when you know quite well that you will lose your job for that...
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/15/2017 12:40
@ dysanfel : In this situation, to give a black eye to the World Champion wouldn't have been the best idea for you... you would simply have been immediately fired (and justly so... you can't work in chess and give a black eye to the World Champion without EXTREMELY serious reasons...).

But as Maurice Ashley is quite a reasonable person, he would quite certainly never do something completely unreasonable like that...
dysanfel dysanfel 12/14/2017 11:53
What can we expect from a mid-20 year old boy who still reads Donald Duck? If I had been Ashely and he struck me Carlsen would have done the interview with a black eye.
melante melante 12/13/2017 02:50
It is natural for a world champion to be arrogant, especially if young. Arrogance and poor manners/lack of sportsmanship are two different things, though.
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/12/2017 02:55
Talking about arrogance, ex-World Championship challenger Bogoljubov was also quite a good example, with his famous quote : "When I am White I win because I am White. When I am Black I win because I am Bogoljubov."

Even taking into account the fact that he was also playing with his name's etymology (Bogoljubov meaning, more or less, "beloved of God", in Russian...), it isn't everyone who would say something like that !
Claudioarrau Claudioarrau 12/12/2017 01:56
@Petrarlsen. By all accounts, Beethoven and Picasso could be thoroughly unpleasant individuals. But their art is among the chief glories of civilization. And so, by and large, it has been with chess world champions. "Great genius is to madness near allied". (Dryden)
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/12/2017 01:38
@ Claudioarrau : Quite interesting quotations !

"World champions are human, and consequently we see the best and worst in them from time to time." Yes, quite ! I think that it must indeed be kept in mind that it is quite possible to be a genius, AND to be at the same time quite arrogant, and not, more generally, the nicest possible person !...
Claudioarrau Claudioarrau 12/12/2017 12:58
World champions are human, and consequently we see the best and worst in them from time to time. For example, this gibberish from Bobby Fischer: “Draws make for dull chess, wins make for fighting chess. Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.”

Humbug and hypocrisy! Fischer included eight (!) draws in “My 60 Memorable Games”, so he must have thought that draws can be just as exciting and instructive as wins. And often more so. Many wins are downright embarrassing. As Tartakover put it, “The winner is he who makes the last mistake but one”.

On another occasion, Fischer stated the obvious. The object of chess is to mate the king. If you can’t, it’s a draw. All the rest is propaganda.
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/12/2017 11:58
@ Fianshetto : "Carlsen is by far the most arrogant chess player ever to play the game" I assume you must be to young to have memories of Fischer and Kasparov !!! Otherwise, I don't quite see how you could write this !...
Pionki Pionki 12/12/2017 10:58
Magnus reminds me of Sylvester Stallone (when speaking in an interview, of course, not when playing chess).
Fianshetto Fianshetto 12/12/2017 05:04
Mel Griffin,
I couldn't agree more! Carlsen is by far the most arrogant chess player ever to play the game, a total sore looser with no class.
Watching him talk during interviews is like having all your wisdom teeth removed without anesthesia. He's socially awkward and could use a lesson or two in what is an acceptable "adult-like" behavior.
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/12/2017 04:11
@ Mel Griffin : The "job" of a professional chess player is to create games. And the specific "job" of a World Champion is to be a genius at creating games. I prefer 10 times a Carlsen, not perhaps always very nice, to an inferior player, who would be very far from Carlsen's playing level... Obviously, all would be the best if Carlsen wasn't sometime "not quite nice", but he does the main part of his "job" : he creates outstanding games...
A7fecd1676b88 A7fecd1676b88 12/12/2017 02:41
@Mel Griffin - Don't have a copy of the contract, but I am sure it does not require Carlsen to be groped by anybody, let alone Ashley..
Ashely is a terrible interview and chess commentator. I would not want him touching either.
Mel Griffin Mel Griffin 12/12/2017 01:39
Well I think it's too bad that Carlsen is not seen on film here in round 8 "violently" pushing away the hand of GM Ashley saying "Don't you touch me!" just for fixing the spoiled baby's collar seconds before going on air. I hope Nepo or MVL get the chance to wipe this punk from the crown and constant tantrums. Very unsportsmanlike conduct. He has a contractual obligation to do these interviews and not assaulting the press might be a good idea as well. I am extremely upset and think this baby should publicly apologize to Maurice.