A remarkable team: The "Chess Family" Peglau from Germany

by André Schulz
12/23/2022 – With nine chess playing members, the Peglau family from Dippoldiswalde, a small town in Germany, is probably the world's largest chess family. But it definitely is one of the strongest. As the successes of the Peglaus at the recently finished European Blitz and Rapid Championships show. | Photos: Henrik Teske

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Markus and Adelheid Peglau have seven children, six girls and one boy - and they all play chess, including their parents. With nine players, the family can easily field an entire team, and that's what they do, with their own club, Schachzentrum Seeblick Dippoldiswalde, near Dresden. In the Second Women's Bundesliga West, the team occupies a position in the middle of the field.

The family members also collect plenty of individual successes. Sarah Peglau became German U18 girls champion in 2021. Dora Peglau became German U14 girls champion in 2022 and Charis Peglau finished second in the U14 girls world championship in 2022.

At the recently finished European Blitz and Rapid Championships in Katowice, Poland, four members of the Peglau started.

In the strong blitz tournament Charis Peglau finished as best of the family with 13 points, half a point ahead of WGM Pia Cramling and only half a point behind players such as Elisabeth Pähtz or GM Pavel Tregubov.

Dora Peglau (on the right, with Black, sitting next to Alexandra Kosteniuk)

Charis Peglau did not start well, but then was able to regain ground against somewhat weaker opponents and finished 214th in a field of 808 players. If you only look at the 165 female participants, the 14-year-old took 23rd place.

Sarah Peglau before the start of her game against Ferenc Langheinrich

Dora Peglau finished in 491st place with 10.5 points. Sarah Peglau scored 9.5 points and Paul David Peglau 9 points. In the rapid tournament, Dora scored 5.5 and was the best Peglau in the field.

The German grandmaster Henrik Teske supported the Peglaus as trainer and second and was not dissatisfied with the results. But he was enthusiastic about the organisation of the tournament by the Polish Chess Federation and local chess friends: "There is nothing like this in Germany."

Some of the German players travelled together to Katowice.

From left to right. Standing: IM Ferenc Langheinrich, IM Roven Vogel, GM Elisabeth Pähtz, GM Henrik Teske, Dora and Sarah Peglau, in front: GM Thomas Pähtz, Paul David and Charis Peglau.

Christmas market in Katowice

Old industrial buildings bear witness to the coal mining industry that shaped Katowice

What looks like a UFO is the modern event centre Spodek



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