Dortmund: Leinier Dominguez takes the lead

by Johannes Fischer
7/17/2019 – Leinier Dominguez seems to be in good shape at the Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund. In round three he won against defending champion Ian Nepomniachtchi with a nice, tactical combination and is now in sole first place with 2½/3. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu scored the second win of the round, with black against Daniel Fridman. Kaido Kulaots and Radoslaw Wojtaszek drew, as did Teimour Radjabov and Richard Rapport. Live games of round four from 13:15 UTC (15:15 CEST, 9:15 EDT). | Photos: Georgios Souleidis

The Fashionable Caro-Kann Vol.1 and 2 The Fashionable Caro-Kann Vol.1 and 2

The Caro Kann is a very tricky opening. Black’s play is based on controlling and fighting for key light squares. It is a line which was very fashionable in late 90s and early 2000s due to the successes of greats like Karpov, Anand, Dreev etc. Recently due to strong engines lot of key developments have been made and some new lines have been introduced, while others have been refuted altogether. I have analyzed the new trends carefully and found some new ideas for Black.


47th Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting

The top pairing of the third round was the meeting between Leinier Dominguez and Ian Nepomniachtchi. In 2018, Nepomniachtchi won the tournament in Dortmund and with an Elo rating of 2775 entered the 2019 edition as the top see. Dominguez is the second highest rated at 2760, while Teimour Radjabov is ranked third with 2759 Elo points.

This year Nepomniachtchi, who has had a busy tournament schedule lately, is still looking for his form in Dortmund. In round one he lost to Richard Rapport, and while he won his second round game against qualifier Kaido Kulaots, in round three he lost again to Dominguez.

Round 3 results


Standings after Round 3


Dominguez is considered a quiet, solid player, but as a top grandmaster, of course, he also masters complicated tactical positions well. He showed this against Nepomniachtchi, winning in just 25 moves from a double-edged line of the Caro-Kann Defence, thanks to a nice tactical trick.


Defending champion Ian Nepomniachtchi | Photo: Georgios Souleidis

D. Fridman 0-1 L.-D. Nisipeanu

In the duel of the two German participants, Daniel Fridman was too ambitious. In a balanced position, he weakened his centre with a risky pawn thrust 27.e5? and quickly became worse.


K. Kulaots ½-½ R. Wojtaszek

Radoslaw Wojtaszek is considered an excellent theoretician and also against Kulaots, who started with two defeats in the tournament, he emerged from the opening with a small advantage with the black pieces. In the end, however it was only enough for a draw.


Well prepared: Radoslaw Wojtaszek | Photo: Georgios Souleidis

T. Radjabov ½-½ R. Rapport

An unspectacular draw and a repitition after 28 moves — that's the gist of the game between Teimour Radjabov and Richard Rapport.


Live games of Round 4


All games


Translation from German: Macauley Peterson


Johannes Fischer was born in 1963 in Hamburg and studied English and German literature in Frankfurt. He now lives as a writer and translator in Nürnberg. He is a FIDE-Master and regularly writes for KARL, a German chess magazine focusing on the links between culture and chess. On his own blog he regularly publishes notes on "Film, Literature and Chess".


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