9 out of 9 - Leon Mendonca shares in-depth analysis - Part 3/3

by ChessBase
4/1/2023 – Grandmaster (GM) Leon Mendonca is a rising star in the chess world and one of India's most promising young talents. Recently, he won the HIT Open 2023 in Slovenia, with an insane 9 out of 9 points. In this ChessBase article, Leon provides an in-depth analysis of three of his games from the tournament, offering insights into his decision-making process and the strategies he employed to secure victory. By sharing his experiences and expertise, Leon offers valuable lessons for chess players of all levels looking to improve their game.

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9 out of 9 - Leon Mendonca shares in-depth analysis - Part 2/3

Round 8 vs. GM Davies, Nigel R

Full analysis by Leon Mendonca:



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