Nima Javanbakht

Nima Javanbakht is an International Master originally from Isfahan, Iran, who believes chess is more than just a boardgame!  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2018 and is pursuing PhD studies (from January 2020) at National University of Singapore (NUS).

"Chess let me to visit many countries and cultures and chess pieces shaped my mind how a manager should threat and react in order to be prosperous. All these insightful journeys drives me to a career I love besides chess, which is Industrial Systems Engineering and Management.

I might not be an active chess player compared to when I was a junior, however, instead I am a full-time "chess thinker!”, since as an engineer/manager scholar you need to organise the flow behind the firms harmoniously to produce great products or services and this procedure resembles the pieces in a chess game that you must move your pieces aptly in order to win the game.

Chess is beyond a sedentary sport and I believe everybody can reap the benefits of it in the realm they need."

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