Meri Grigoryan

Meri Grigoryan is a British-Armenian living in London. He father, Vanya Grigoryan, was her only chess teacher and coach, and her mother, Marietta Grigoryan, pioneered chess at schools in late 80s in Yerevan. Meri won Yerevan Women’s and U21 Open Championships at the age of 12 and 15 respectively. She was a multiple winner of Armenian Girls’ Championship. She represented English Women’s National Chess Team on several occasions. She was British Ladies Blitz Champion in 2004, English Ladies Rapid Champion in 2017, and British Women’s Grand Prix winner in 2003 and 2017. She is a polyglot and a professional chess coach. Her most notable student is Shreyas Royal who became silver medallist at the EYCC in 2017.

Meri, Director of Organic Chess LTD, trains and employs chess teachers in the UK. If you are in the UK and wish to work as a chess teacher, then contact Meri at

Photo: Ray Morris-Hill

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