FIDE Grand Prix 2019

In each Grand Prix tournament, 16 players compete in a knockout tournament. Each round  consists of two games at classical time control. If the match is tied 1:1 after two games, then a tie-break day will consist of two games rapid games, and if necessary, two blitz games with a thinking time of 5 + 3, and if still tied, finally an 'Armageddon' game.

The Grand Prix series is carries a respectable prize pool. The total prize fund of the series is EUR €800,000 and each of the four individual Grand Prix tournaments comes with a prize fund of €130,000. The winner of a Grand Prix tournament receives €24,000, and the runner-up receives €14,000. Semifinalists will earn € 10,000, those exiting in round two receive €8,000 and the eight players who are eliminated in round one, still receive €5,000 each.

In addition there is the overall ranking. The winner of the series will receive €50,000 with second earning €45,000, and both qualify for the Candidates Tournament 2020. The third overall will receive €40,000, the fourth €35,000 and then it will continue in €5,000 increments down to the 9th and 10th spots, each of whom take home €10,000. If players are tied, the prize money is shared.

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