Wild Times in Sharjah

by Efstratios Grivas
5/20/2024 – In any sport, the win can be the result of a mistake, and a player's exploitation of it! The time has come to cut out the funny business, quit over-thinking, and go mate your opponent. There's no better way to claim a quick victory than an efficient, well-executed attack. But then you need to have a sharp tactical eye and a will to go all-in! In the Sharjah Masters two wild games drew the attention of the public. Analysis by Efstratios Grivas.

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Hans Niemann (USA) facing Olympiad Gold medallist Jakhongir Vakhidov (UZB)

In the second game you might want to find the killer blow that Salem Saleh executed:

White has just played 28.Kc1-d1? to which Salem finds a killer blow – one that will find its way into the tactical libraries

Efstratios (30.03.1966) is a highly experienced chess trainer and chess author. He has been awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) the titles of International Chess Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and International Chess Organiser.
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