The World Champion 1972 Christmas Calendar Winners

by Arne Kaehler
12/30/2022 – Our time travel journey is over, and we return from 1972 to the present. This year we reached a new world record, with almost 7200 (!) answers. Were the questions too easy, or was the topic particularly interesting? But there was something else, wasn't there? Yes, we solve the tricky last question, which of course the majority answered correctly. Thank you for the lively participation, and the mostly positive comments. Have a great new year 2023!| Photos: Pixabay

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World Champion 1972 Christmas Calendar Winners

Door 24 Solution

The last question was of course quite tricky, yet almost everyone knew, and gave the correct answer:

C. 22 x

In 21 games the knight was naturally on the square b1. Although the second game never happened, the knight stood on the chessboard! And then there was game no. 11, where on move fourteen the knight hopped back to b1. This move by Spassky was given an exclamation mark several times. So, that makes 22 x


Since 2020 I've been designing the ChessBase calendars, thinking up the questions, creating videos, editing them, uploading them, writing the articles, embedding the videos, etc., etc., etc.

There is no question that this is outstanding fun to work on, but since I edit almost 50 videos (English & German), articles, questions, answers and more myself, mistakes, as already in the last years, unfortunately do not stay away.

Fortunately, we have a great community who very kindly pointed out these errors in their written response so that I could, if possible, limit or repair the damage in time. Please understand that I did not reply to hundreds of emails individually.

Nevertheless, the participants should not suffer from my mistakes, so that more often two answers were considered the correct solution. Of course, this was considered for the raffle. 

Nevertheless, I would like to formally apologize for the mishaps and I sincerely hope that the mistakes have not affected the fun of the 24 days too much.

The 91 lucky winners:

While we had a whopping 90 winners in 2020, there were only a paltry 89 winners in 2021. This year we've topped everything with 91 winners! Three players can look forward to a grand prize.

The winners of a €20 digital ChessBase Shop voucher are:

  • Marco H. - Germany (Königsberg)
  • John F. - Germany (Bad Essen)
  • John S. - USA
  • Lars L. - Denmark
  • Iron K. - Germany (Saerbeck)
  • Gunnar H. - Germany (Marburg)
  • Victor F. - Spain
  • Hans K. - Germany (Essen)
  • Ralf B. - Germany (Remscheid)
  • Kevin M. - Germany (Gernsheim)
  • George K. - Canada
  • Keith L. - Australia
  • Claudius G. - Germany (Hilter)
  • Pierre F. - France
  • Rene Skree J. - Denmark
  • Heinz-Peter B. - Germany (Ammeldingen)
  • Neil K. - USA
  • Joris E. - Belgium
  • Heiko S. - Germany (Kusterdingen)
  • Joachim K. - Germany (Bischweier)
  • Christo D. - South Africa
  • Paulina C. - Mexico
  • Kathrin M. - Germany (Berlin)
  • Florian H. - Germany (Bühlertal)

The winners of a €30 digital ChessBase Shop voucher are:

  • Dirk H. - Germany (Hamburg)
  • Zoran P. - Serbia
  • Arno K. - Germany (Oldenburg)
  • György M. - Hungary
  • Joachim C. - Germany (Sprockhövel)
  • Yossi F. - Israel
  • Grabner V. - Austria
  • Stefan S. - Germany (Windischeschenbach)
  • Titus A. - Philippines
  • Tom M. - Scotland
  • Martin K. - Germany (Grafing)
  • Werner S. - Germany (Fachbach)
  • Alessandro M. - Italy
  • Katharina F. - Germany (Düsseldorf)
  • Neil P. - United Kingdom
  • Axel E. - Germany (Erfurt)
  • Thiago P. - Brazil
  • Georg A. - Germany (Kötz)
  • Nabil C. - Germany (Bad Münder)
  • Marian T. - Italy
  • Daniel S. - Germany (Braunschweig)
  • Lars K. - Germany (Hoyerswerda)
  • Ekkehard W. - Germany (Würzburg)
  • Deniz A. - Turkey

The winners of a €60 digital ChessBase Shop voucher are:

  • Gary A. USA
  • Annelies C. Belgium
  • Fred S. - Germany (Negernbötel)
  • Aðalsteinn T. - Iceland
  • Daniel K. - Germany (Neumünster)
  • Klaus B. - Germany (Balingen)
  • Damian L. - Poland
  • Egbert S. - USA
  • Manfred F. - Germany (Grevenbroich)
  • Kristian O. - Slovakia
  • Mussie M. - Ethiopea
  • Lisenkov S. - Russia
  • Becky B. - Germany (Chemnitz)
  • Laszlo A. - United Kingdom
  • Jürgen B. - Germany (Pfarrkirchen)
  • Anirudh D. - Singapore
  • Kevin B. - Germany (Augsburg)
  • Michael C. - Germany (Troisdorf)
  • Joshua G. - USA
  • Norbert B. - Germany (Brühl)
  • Geoffrey M. - USA
  • Mauri L. - Finland
  • Markus W. - Germany (Kornwestheim)
  • Henk v. d. P. - Netherlands

The winners of a DVD signed by a top player and a ChessBase 17 mouse pad are:

  • Gustavo S. - Argentina
  • Keith B. - Canada
  • Marina H. - Germany (Weingarten)
  • Ian T. - England
  • Mirko S. - Germany (Stuttgart)
  • Mariano A. - Spain
  • Jeffrey K. - Philippines
  • Michael K. - Germany (Neumünster)
  • Sven G. - Germany
  • Christian S. - Germany (Berlin)
  • Paola Z. - Italy
  • Randall S. - USA
  • Michael S. - Germany (Dortmund)
  • Rudolf E. - Germany (Breitenfurt)
  • Manfred A. - Germany (Bremen)
  • Jochen C. - Germany (Hamburg)

Third prize goes to:

Bohdan P. - Ukraine

  • Digital €75 ChessBase Shop Voucher

  • DVD signed by a top chess player

  • ChessBase 17 Mousepad

Second prize goes to:

David P. - England

  • Digital €100 ChessBase Shop Voucher

  • DVD signed by a top chess player

  • ChessBase 17 Mousepad

First prize goes to:

Derek M. - Bulgarien

  • Digital €125 ChessBase Shop Voucher

  • DVD signed by a top chess player

  • ChessBase 17 Mousepad


All 91 winners will receive a confirmation email from us in the first week of January 2023. For all winners of prizes that will be sent by mail, we will ask for the address.

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Arne Kaehler, a creative mind who is passionate about board games in general, was born in Hamburg and learned to play chess at a young age. By teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess-related videos on YouTube, Arne was able to expand this passion and has even created an online course for anyone who wants to learn how to play chess. Arne writes for the English and German news sites, but focuses mainly on content for the ChessBase media channels.