FIDE World Cup 2017: The shorts episode

by Sagar Shah
9/9/2017 – On 9th of September at the start of the third round of the FIDE World Cup 2017, Anton Kovalyov came to the board before the round began. He was wearing his striped shorts, the same one that he had worn while playing rounds one and two. He was asked by ECU President to dress appropriately in accordance with the dress code which was mentioned in the players' contract. Kovalyov left the playing hall before the round began and did not turn up for the game. After 15 minutes, his opponent Maxim Rodshtein was given a walkover.

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32 players were supposed to play the third round of the FIDE World Cup 2017 at 3 p.m. in Hualing Hotel, Tbilisi. However, when the clocks started, one of them was missing. That person was Anton Kovalyov. Anton was up against Maxim Rodshtein. And Anton didn't turn up even after 15 minutes of forfeit time had passed which gave his opponent the full point.

Canadian-Russian GM Anton Kovalyov is playing the tournament of his life. In round one he beat Varuzhan Akobian 1.5-0.5 and in round two he beat five-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand with the same score. |Amruta Mokal

Anton's scorecard from the official website (click to expand)

Why did Anton Kovalyov forfeit the game?

Anton came to the playing hall a few minutes before the stipulated start at  3.p.m.

Anton came dressed in the same shorts that he had worn against Akobian in round one and Anand in round two. This picture was taken eleven minutes before the game was due to begin. (photo by Amruta Mokal)

ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili noticed that Anton was dressed in shorts and asked him to adhere to the players' contract which mentions the point related to the dress code:

3. 13. 4. Players are requested to note the requirements of FIDE Regulations C.01 (Article 8.1) in respect of their dignified appearance at all times during the World Cup.

C.01 (Article 8.1) of the FIDE handbook mentions the following:

The Commission on Chess Publication, Information and Statistics (CHIPS) stresses the need for all chess players to take more care in their personal appearance. The image of the chess player should be a dignified one, and dressing properly would not only show respect for the game, but also to sponsors, potential or otherwise, to make it worth their while to spend their money.

For example, some federations have barred slippers, sleeveless T-shirts and vests in their tournaments. Those with unkempt and greasy hair should be admonished, as well as those wearing old or torn jeans and battered attire generally.

Anton Kovalyov left the playing hall and did not return for the game. Rodshtein made the move 1.d4, 15 minutes passed and Kovalyov is not to be seen. |Amruta Mokal

Arbiter Arild Rimestad stops the clock |Amruta Mokal

1-0. Anton Kovalyov forfeits the game. |Amruta Mokal

Maxim Rodshtein would not have expected the game to end so soon! |Amruta Mokal

After the incident, we got in touch with Zurab Azmaiparashvili, who clarified the situation in the following video:

ECU President Zurab Azmaiprashvili talks about the shorts incident


Chief arbiter Tomasz Delega speaks about the shorts incident

The chief arbiter also clarified that it was he who spoke to Anton first and later Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

Meanwhile an enraged Anton Kovalyov left the hotel and also the tournament

When asked for a comment, Kovalyov said that he was too angry and didn't wish to go on record. He has booked his flight and has left the venue.

In the evening Kovalyov updated his Facebook Status and speaks about this incident:

"I wanted to wait a little till I calm down, but I'm tired of seeing lies everywhere. So here's what happened:

The issue were not the shorts but how I was treated. I came to the game and was approached by the arbiter asking me to change (first time). I told him that I don't have pants with me, and then I noticed that I was playing black instead of white, which came as a surprise for me and asked him to check that. He and the other arbiters checked and confirmed to me that I'm playing with black, we talked a little and everything was fine. Then came Zurab, he was very agressive, yelling at me and using the racial slur "gypsy" to insult me, apart from mentioning several times that I will be punished by FIDE. I told him that I had asked before at the previous world cup if what I was wearing was OK and I was told by somebody from the organization that yes. Zurab, in a prepotent way, said he doesn't care, he's the organizer now. At this point I was really angry but tried not to do anything stupid, and asked him why he was so rude to me, and he said because I'm a gypsy.

So imagine this, the round is about to start, I'm being bullied by the organizer of the tournament, being assured that I will be punished by FIDE, yelled at and racially insulted. What would you do in my situation? I think many people would have punched this person in the face or at least insulted him. I decided to leave.

Worth pointing out, I didn't take any pants with me because I gained some weight and they were to tight. If the organization of the tournament would have warned me sooner I would have taken a cab to the mall and bought pants, without any problems whatsoever, but instead I was treated like garbage. I was too stressed out by the way I was treated and the threats of being punished by FIDE no matter what I do, so I choose to leave before I do anything stupid. Another point worth pointing out, Zurab never asked me to go and change, the conversation consisted of threats, insults, and agressive behavior from Zurab. He was clearly provoking me. I will not appeal anything. I am disgusted by this type of people. I don't want the money. I'm coming back home."

Related videos:

Interview with Anton Kovalyov after he beat Vishy Anand in round 2.1

Anton Kovalyov on advancing to round three

September 11: Update on the Anton Kovalyov incident

Sagar is an International Master from India with two GM norms. He is also a chartered accountant. He loves to cover chess tournaments, as that helps him understand and improve at the game he loves so much. He and is the co-founder and CEO of ChessBase India website, the biggest chess news outlet in the country.
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macauley macauley 10/7/2017 01:12
A follow-up article "Kovalyov case moves to Ethics Commission" has been posted. Please use the new story for further comment:
EatMyShorts EatMyShorts 9/15/2017 04:13
You can guess what I would have told the organizers....
fgkdjlkag fgkdjlkag 9/13/2017 04:35
Aronian wore a t-shirt and jeans in the last round. Sounds like the dress code is inconsistently being applied?
JactaEst JactaEst 9/12/2017 11:28
The bigger issue is this clown throwing racial slurs at a young chess player.
At that point the player was perfectly correct to leave and get on a plane for a more civilised country where he isn't going to have to put up with such conduct.
If it had happened in London the tournament director would be committing a criminal offence.
fgkdjlkag fgkdjlkag 9/12/2017 01:36
A nice article by GM Polgar showing how the situation should have been handled:
This blunder shows that the organizers of the FIDE chess cup are inexperienced.
Astolfo Correa Astolfo Correa 9/11/2017 09:32
Point 1: Regulation
I think the player should always be aware and dominate the whole regulation (most of them do not pay much attention to this) to avoid conflicts, and if there are articles that are not very clear, you should choose the safest way, and, like in a chess game, do not take unnecessary risks. The rest are unfolding consequences, unpleasant with authoritarian people, who can take advantage in an exposure situation. It is worth going to an upcoming FIDE congress to better set the rules or veto this article. (Since at the heart of the issue respect or disrespect is not in clothing, but in wearer).
Point 2: Arbitration
The conduct of a tournament by a good refereeing and direction must pass transparently (as it almost did not), so that the main point (matches), are the focus.
Do not behave elegantly to a player, show authoritarianism and not justice. The fact that they do not perceive inadequate dress on previous wheels does not cancel the regulation, but shows a lack of compliance with the rules by the referee in the first rounds.
Number 3: Player
Had Kovalyov opted to pack his clothes and return to the game (which is easier and more practical and cheaper than taxi and plane back), he would have shown a repudiation of arbitration and could resort to the awkward direction.
Number 4: Professional Riflemen
There would be support among the players, they would combine in the next round, of all going in shorts, as a form of protest to a determined game in means outside the chess.
Point 5: Partiality
Top players are not bothered with this type of situation. It should be noted that many top (sport) t-shirts are being worn, and could be framed as inappropriate in the same way.
oputu oputu 9/11/2017 09:09
Hello FIDE,

Not all players are sponsored like Magnus. If you want players to dress in a particular way, then buy them those clothes and include it in the cost of the event. That guy Anton, who by the way seemed like a 'get-by-student', looked like he owned only that shorts and has never worn a suit in his life. Does that make him a weak chess player? NO! Dont ruin a brain sport with dress code. Wei Yi, Danny D, and some of these younger kids can find brilliant moves on the board but you will never find them in a suit like Kramnik and Anand.
So please show some understanding when dealing with them.

Thank you.

PS: New rule, a player cannot wear the same suit twice!
Quanber Quanber 9/11/2017 08:52
To satman : Yes, change of course cost a lot of energy and brave men.

The good thing about heavy corruption that has spread to all veins of an organisation is that it breaks like a dry attic if someone has the courage to fight it with stamina. Then everybody in the line of fire will point the fingers at someonle else who has done worse things.

I have earned my fortune from legal trade. When I retire in some few years I am thinking about doing exactly what satman think is pure fantasy. To show that chess can be organised in a more decent way. Without kickbacks.

Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili (ZA) has to day published a statement about the incident with GM Anton Kovalyov that demonstrates exactly why honest people find him and FIDE on such a damaging path for chess.

01) ZA claim that Kovalyov left because he had other obligations. The proof is a link to internet page : 1 . This link does not exist. Try yourself to find anything meaningful from that internet link.

02) ZA is both the organizer and a member of the Appeals Committee of this tournament. He decide himself if his decisions has been wrong. No sane person would accept this. ZA never comments on this.

03) ZA constantly talk about how much money he has generated and how important it is for the sponsors that chess players are well dressed.

First of all, if chess wants to grow among young people, it should sell itself as a sport. So the players should dress sporty, not like upper class spoiled kids, that not even need to take off the jackets to win a game. Because it is just that easy to play.

Second, and extremely important for this case, is has been documented beyond any doubt that many of the other players dressed equally casual during the game. The official FIDE gallery of photos from the event show a pictures of players with a huge variation of dress code. Tracksuits, rubber shoos, players in colourful T- shirts with different text or hat, jeans and so on.

ZA himself looks very casual with his shirt outside the trousers, big belly and low class rubber shoos. He is the perfect picture of a leader form an organization that demands something from other they don’t demand from themselves. Why are sponsors not laughing of him ?

Third and most important, chess should not be controlled by sponsors. Then the game is over. Which all sane sponsors know. They need a transparent organisation to have a win - win situation on the long track.

I rest my case. My time is runnng out for this circus. I just had to get it out.
See you all in 10 years from now at my events.
satman satman 9/11/2017 06:57
"We have reach the end of the line with FIDE. From here on we can only move forward if chess players in general and The Association of Chess Professionals decide to start all over again. Make a new organization and boycot all FIDE arrangements."

Good luck with that!
Not being present at the event we don't know what the response has been from the players, but the fact that they're still there playing says a lot.
It's not just chessplayers of course, but all sports people just seem to keep their heads down and their mouths shut no matter what kind scandalous and corrupt things are going on around them.
The character Rod Tidwell in the film Jerry Maguire captured the modern sporting ethic when he insisted 'Show me the money!'
Quanber Quanber 9/11/2017 05:08
The pictures and sound tracks emerging from the event make it quite clear that GM Anton Kovalyov was subject to a planned abuse from Zurab Azmaiparashvili. A well placed trap to make him too angry to play well or simply leave the tournament.
Here is my extended observations :
01) The official gallery of photos from the event show a pictures of players with a huge variation of dress code. Chinese players in tracksuits, rubber shoos, players in colourful T- shirts with different text or hat, jeans, ect. GM Anand played GM Kovalyov in a colourful blue / yellow T shirt . One can not call it traditional stylish. GM Maxim Rodshtein arrive to the game against GM Kovalyov with long unkempt hair.
02) Many pictures from the internet show that Kovalyov has used Bermuda short in previous rounds and previous world cups. These shorts actually had a sort of stylish Scottish pattern. Many professional golf players use them, just a little longer. Kovalyov also had a tracksuit with a chess logo on.
One could argue that playing in a suit does not reflect chess a sport, but more as something one do for fun between business meetings. However, No matter what one think about his dress code all normal sane people would agree that all the arbiters could not miss to observe his dress code whole week, and it is by no standard worse than all the other players dress codes mention above. Arbiter Tomasz Delega did not suddenly discover these shorts right before the event.
03) At this point it could still have ended happily. But then Zurab Azmaiparashvili rushed in with a rude and violent language. His face is pure hate, and he insult Kovalyov for not looking good , while his own fat belly jumps up and down behind the shirt hanging outside the trousers. His whole attitude is pure aggression.
01) Zurab Azmaiparashvili is both the organizer and a member of the Appeals Committee of this tournament. A construction one only know about from corrupt nations with no proper law system.
Conclusion :
We have reach the end of the line with FIDE. From here on we can only move forward if chess players in general and The Association of Chess Professionals decide to start all over again. Make a new organization and boycot all FIDE arrangements.
truthadjustr truthadjustr 9/11/2017 04:24
An organizational failure on the part of FIDE. A tactless organizer. He is the arbiter and at the same time the head of the appeals committee?
kyklop kyklop 9/11/2017 11:03
@boheme. Nothing will happen. FIDE is so corrupt that they do whatever they like. No one can or will do a thing about it.
macauley macauley 9/11/2017 10:26
@symbol60 - The proposal you cite was never adopted. It remains, only a proposal.
boheme boheme 9/11/2017 09:12
Zura Azmaiparashvili has insulted Kovalyov as a gipsy. Zura has not only insulted Kovalyov, but all gipsies. Its a disgrace for chess. What was done to punish this racist behaviour. What has been done to make sure that this racist and disrespectful behaviour never will happen again.
RayLopez RayLopez 9/11/2017 03:01
Citing Poe's Law, I say Kovalyov is 100% wrong and the gentleman from Georgia who was wrongly accused of sexual harassment and head-butting a security guard in Spain is 100% right. For example, if Kovalyov cannot afford to buy a nice three piece suit, or a fashionable G-Star RAW hoodie, that automatically disqualifies him from playing; who wants to sponsor a nerd, and money talks. Further, Kovalyov is a computer science major, so how do we know he's not using his shorts to hide a chess engine, like that other gentleman from Bulgaria, Borislav Ivanov? There's two sides to every story and I say Fide is always right. Gens una sumus!
Quanber Quanber 9/11/2017 02:44
01) The guy used the same dress code in the previous 4 games
02) If he suddenly has to change dress code , give him time to do so.
03) I have not seen a single photo of his bermuda shorts BEFORE they
became a major problem.
04) Conclusion : He was punished for knocking out Anand.

FIDE has become a joke for all human talks now.

Michael Jones Michael Jones 9/11/2017 02:05
This was astonishingly badly handled by the two officials - or at least, it would be astonishing if FIDE officials didn't have such a history of mishandling situations. As has been noted, Bermuda shorts are actually permitted in the general regulations. If FIDE wished to impose specific regulations for this tournament which banned them, it could have done so but didn't. If the arbiter really objected to Kovalyov's choice of attire, the time to say so would be at the end of the game, asking him to wear something different for the next game - it is unreasonable to ask a player to change immediately before a game. Suppose Kovalyov had only arrived a minute before the start time - would they still have insisted he should go back to change? And then Azmaiparashvili, bringing his usual hostility and tactlessness to any situation, and using what he claims was not intended as a racial slur, but which the majority of the English-speaking world regards as such - just the latest in the catalogue of incidents which have marked his career. He should have been kicked out of FIDE years ago.
symbol60 symbol60 9/11/2017 01:27
To people saying that the organizers are right, I would like to ask: why a player could not wear shorts, while an arbiter can wear a T-shirt ? I find ridiculous that an arbiter with a T-shirt says to a player such things ! In fact, if you look at the FIDE proposal here:
you will find that a Bermuda shorts for a player is acceptable, while a T-shirt is not accetable for an arbiter !!!
Malbi Malbi 9/10/2017 11:52
There is a logic and easy solution to kovalyov's affair: FIDE must pay mr.kovalyov the major prize and apologize to him. That makes sense for me, no other way...
kamzieli kamzieli 9/10/2017 11:41
Isn't the chief arbiter called Tomasz DelEga?
Mr TambourineMan Mr TambourineMan 9/10/2017 10:40
First, I would like to say that I support the clothing code, excuse me to say it was not met in this case. And that has not really been met by Mr A in the interview either. If you punish one then you should reasonably punish the other one too. And then we have not even begun to talk about Kovalyov testifying to the aggressiveness, the threats and the humiliating words against the player that this is a gypsy and so on.

Yes you are right Anton! Many people would if you story is correct have punched Azmaiparashvili in the face or at least insulted him. Back in Chess Olympiad in Calvià, Spain 2004 that was exactly what happened to Azmaiparashvili when he was stopped by members of the Guardia Civil, manhandled, beaten and taken to prison by the local police. The charge was that Azmaiparashvili had attacked the guards, with a head butt...

Certainly one may be unlucky both once and twice, but for Azmaiparashvili bad luck happens again and again all the time. Can it be bad luck all the time? And can he be declared innocent all the time? Or at least be guilty at least sometimes?

I hope any player comes forward and testifies that there really were ugly subversive words as expressed by Mr. A. so we can remove bastards such as Mr A. If no other player appears, there should be several witnesses. Do not complain when you encounter a similar rotten egg ...
inegrepus inegrepus 9/10/2017 09:32
Azmaiparashvili's behavior, with racist slurs and all, makes a mockery of FIDE. He needs to resign.
iushu iushu 9/10/2017 08:40
Mr Sagar Shah, as an impartial journalist you had ask Mr Azmaiparashvili and Mr Deluga the specific question:
- What rule Mr Kovalyov broke?

And also as a informed journalist, you suppose to know the following:
1. FIDE DRESS CODE POLICY: HELP CHESS BY WEARING PROPER ATTIRE - was just a proposal, was not yet voted
2. Inside this proposal, you have this article and sub-article:

3. Dress Code for players during games in progress.
3.a. The following is acceptable for men players, captains, head of delegation.
! ! Suits, ties, dressy pants, trousers, jeans, long-sleeve or shirt-sleeve dress
! ! shirt, dress shirt, alternatively T-shirts or polo, dress shoes, loafers or
! ! dressy slip-ons, socks, shoes or sneakers, sport coat, blazer,, Bermuda
! ! shorts, turtleneck, jacket, vest or sweater. Team uniforms and
! ! national costumes clothing.

Mr Kovalyov was wearing the following items from this list: T-shirts or polo, socks, shoes or sneakers.

I expect that you did not hear at that time about the racial slur, but let me tell you this, from what I am reading, it looks like you are there for free accommodation and maybe some stipend, and in that case, your articles are just paid advertising. I hope you prove me wrong.

FA Andrei Botez
koko48 koko48 9/10/2017 08:17
"Imagine wearing the same bermudas' seven days in a stretch!"

I'm sure he washed them at least once. I hope he did at least. If he did, as long as he's changing his underwear it shouldn't get too funky. Bermudas are pretty loose.

Are they the height of fashion? No. But let's admit, many chess players haven't been known for their great taste in clothes. Even Fischer, before he became fashion conscious, used to play in tournaments in corduroys and baggy sweaters

Also chess players tend to be a superstitious lot. Kovalyov was having a great tournament and had just knocked out a former WC. Even if he had an alternative outfit, he may have thought changing his attire would change his luck

Karpov was known for wearing the same suit game after game when he was on a winning streak. But he was World Champion, an important person in the chess world. So you can be sure no arbiter ever said to Karpov "Change your clothes, bum"
Reynaud Reynaud 9/10/2017 05:15
@wittgenstein "chess is an aristocratic game"
Hear hear, right'o old chap. Tea and chess after a ride around the shire and check on the peasants.
Comments like this reveal how situations like this emerge. A little common sense and flexibility sensitive to circumstance go a long way. Rules are important, but this isn't a constitutional crisis and reasonable discretion is expected.
koko48 koko48 9/10/2017 05:14
@oldsalt7 Nobody likes to be called a gypsy. My boss at work once said "That's gypsy sh**" because I ate a lot of garlic with lunch and smelled too much like garlic. Also because I re-used a bottle and kept pouring water in there with several teabags, which I kept at my desk. I was insulted and offended he called me a gypsy, but I couldn't walk out because I needed the job

But if a tournament director came at me and belligerently called me a gypsy, I would probably walk out too. And leave the tournament. If you feel angry and insulted but don't want to make a scene in the tournament room, what are you supposed to do? In this case Kovalyov showed more professionalism and respect for the tournament, than Zurab did

I also recall a tournament my friend and I played in, when my friend was walking around the tournament room after his game with a glass of wine, watching other games. The tournament director berated him, told him to leave, said "I don't like this" in a sneering manner. He was quietly watching, sipping wine (which was served nearby, he didn't bring his own wine into the hall), and there was no rule about not bringing wine into the tournament room. So it was her own judgement, to ban this.

It wasn't that he was asked to leave that upset him, but the director's tone when she said it. Which I heard. She basically called him a bum or gypsy without using the words. If she had said nicely, "No wine allowed in the hall, please" he probably would have left the room without arguing or being upset
oldsalt7 oldsalt7 9/10/2017 05:05
Kovalyov says that he was racially insulted by being called a 'gypsy'. If he considers 'gypsy' a racial insult, then he is himself racist! Gypsies are a nomadic people who migrated to parts of Europe from Northern India a long time ago. That said the arbiters are also at fault. They should have taken action for any dress code violation from round one itself. Imagine wearing the same bermudas' seven days in a stretch!
daftarche daftarche 9/10/2017 04:48
diegoami the problem is that he used this word as an insult and not as a compliment. the way he behaved and handled the situation could not be worse. your post is so ridiculous that i don't know you are serious or you are trolling.
diegoami diegoami 9/10/2017 04:17
I wonder where you guys have been during the last years - didn't you notice that politically correct has gone out of style? Shouldn't you guys save your energy and cry for Trump to resign instead, who is doing much greater damage ?
Anyway, if you are that offended by someone who told you that are you dressed like a gypsy, I think that you are racist yourself. Actully gypsies can dress pretty stylish. Starting a witch hunt because of a single word used somewhat inappropriately is ridicolous.
ex0 ex0 9/10/2017 01:07

(Update: what should also be noted is that Azmaiparashvili said that he did not mean the word "gipsy" as a racial comment, but that it was the same for him as saying "homeless person.")

Oh look. What Azmaiparashvili meant when he called Anton a "gyspy" was supposed to be taken as a 'homeless person', rather than a racial slur. I guess that clears things up and makes it all okay! lmao.

That's probably worse, since it's probably actually ttue and Anton couldn't afford another pair of pants or didn't have any with him, which is why he wore the same shorts for 3 rounds in a row. No wonder Anton got upset, of course you would when someone calls you a homeless poor gypsy in a derogatory way. Where's the so called 'professionalism' Azmai? You're a thug, you don't deserve to be FIDE Vice President, organizer, AND member of appeals committee? Who would appeal to the same person who just denied you? There's no separation of power or system of checks and balances whatsoever. Cmon FIDE, not only are you unprofessional, your systems still a joke that's ripe for abuse.
Mark S Mark S 9/10/2017 01:00
quote oldsalt7 //"If the tournament had a dress code he should follow it. "// quote

But remember oldsalt7 that Anton have already asked permission on first round, and an official already agreed to allow him. It was not clarified by the official that the next succeeding rounds would require a proper dress and the first round is only an exemption. If it was clarified on that first instance, on first round, then there would be no issues.
ex0 ex0 9/10/2017 12:54
Zurab is a thug, as always. His career should be over if the racist sluts accusation is proven to be true.

He complains about professionalism, but then the vice president of FIDE calls one of it's players a Gypsy? wtf is that? if it was said about anyone else, i probably wouldn't believe it. But this is the same guy who got into a fight last time and had a bloodied face. I can tell this guy is shady, just like the rest of them FIDE goon/thugs.
oldsalt7 oldsalt7 9/10/2017 11:28
Kovalyov is in the wrong,period. If the tournament had a dress code he should follow it. He looks like a street urchin in those oversized Bermuda shorts! Hiding something there? Also asking the arbiter why he had the black pieces, was purely a distraction. Certainly Kovalyov knew he was going to play with the black pieces! Sad that some chess player's lack decorum and dignity. Good to see the last of this guy.
satman satman 9/10/2017 10:50
From the Regulations (

3.10. Playing Conditions.
Only the players, principals and steward(-es)s shall be allowed in the actual playing area except with the permission of the Chief Arbiter.
b) A player may talk only to an arbiter or communicate with a steward, or with his opponent as permitted by the Laws of Chess.

No mention here of 'principals' or members of the Appeals Committee, so it would seem to be the case that although Mr Azmaiparashvili, as Chairman of the Appeals Committee is a 'principal' and is allowed into the playing area, he has in fact no right to speak to the players.
David Herz David Herz 9/10/2017 10:43
The comments below all ignore Kovalyov's claim that he was bullied and racially insulted.
Don't you think this is important?
Don't you think it is strange that he was allowed to play two rounds with the shorts and no one had anything to say?
Don't you think it strange that he asked permission beforehand and was granted it?
These statements must be checked but Kovalyov's reaction has nothing to do with the pants according to him so all these statements about etiquette are irrelevant...
The_naked_king The_naked_king 9/10/2017 10:20
You can read "The true life story of Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the worst criminal in chess history ever" at
bugsino bugsino 9/10/2017 05:24
Something was wrong with the official version:
1- They ask him to change his cloths 2- He left the site 3-He never come back after 15 minutes/first move so he lost the game.
2-However in a photo from GM Tisdall on his Facebook page we saw Kovalyov talking to Azmaiprashvili but a clever detail was in the photo: both kings are ALREADY in the middle of the board meaning Kovalyov was already forfeited!
Also strange: Official website publish the pieces color around 12 hours before starting each round. All pairings were exact colors except for Kovalyov-Rodstein game where Kovalyov was WHITE. From this it's easy to speculate that the crutial 10-15 minutes loosing to argue about this fact give him no chance to catch a pair of trousser in time. They have cloth stores inside the complex or in neiborhood witch mean it was possible to fix this inside the time frame.
So it smell conspiration
romualdo romualdo 9/10/2017 05:08
Don´t think the organization of this tournament will search the true about such arbiters. Let´s suppose that Carlsen goes into playing area using shorts ? Or a woman using a short skirt ? Why such organizers allowed a player using short during the rounds 1 and 2 ??? This boy defeated a ex-world Champion no matter he was using a short or paint. Of course dress code is important but he didn´t use nothing that someone will get like as an ofense. Ok, good solution is talk properly with the player, allow him to play and in the next game get wearing properly. This is called tolerance and intelligence.
Isledoc Isledoc 9/10/2017 04:52
hope the Canadian chess federation complains about the behaviour that Kovalyov was subjected to.Other photos have shown Azmaiparashvili's dress code as scruffy jeans!The same guy who has been involved in lots of questionable behaviour in the past.Why is he still involved.A' black eye 'for chess but then again Azma knows all about black eyes.FIDE is like FIFA needs reform.
Mark S Mark S 9/10/2017 04:45
I heard from some top athletes about the luck of some clothes. They don't change clothes if they won wearing those type of clothes. Maybe Anton have this old belief.
This is really a bad image to Georgia organizers. There are many ways to avoid this embarassing issue.
1. Warn the play after the first round
2. Send a warning letter to his hotel room
3. Approach the player after signing his score sheet on the first round.

NEVER EVER give a 10 minute notice to change clothes, the player might have traveled lightly and didn't bring many clothes for the tourn or no money yet considering he is still a student and could be supporting his own self. This is really bad, and doesn't give justice to the defeat of Anand because the player who defeated him was just put to waste and was not allowed to play on the following round.