Robert Ris’ Fast and Furious: The Italian Two Knights (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5)

by Robert Ris
9/8/2022 – This week Robert Ris will have a look at the recent developments in the Italian Two Knights - an old system that still leads to interesting and dynamic play. | "Fast and Furious" is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here.

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In this video course, twenty-nine examples with multiple questions are presented in the interactive format, which is ideal for a range of playing strengths. Step by step you will be taken through the complex positions.


The Italian Two Knights (3...Nf6 4.Ng5) is at the moment as popular as in its top days, and new resources are discovered quite regularly.

The game Erigaisi-Robson from the Abu Dhabi Masters features the line with 8.Qf3, which pins the pawn on c6. Nevertheless, it is well-known nowadays that Black can actually just take the bishop on b5 and sacrifice the the exchange to build up tremendous piece play.

After some adventures (and mistakes from both sides) the game ended in a draw, but any other result could have been possible as well.

Exercise: This position is taken from the game, Yu Yangyi-Ding Liren, a relevant predecessor. White has just played 14.f3?, do you see what is wrong with this move?


Feel free to move the pieces on the live diagram!

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Robert is an International Master who mostly spends his time training and coaching talented youngsters. On the PlayChess server The Fast and the Furious is a popular show where he explains sharp opening lines for a wider audience. He is also a well-known ChessBase author who produced numerous DVDs and regularly contributes to ChessBase Magazine as well. Since 2015 he is the organizer of the Dutch Rapid Championships in his home town Amstelveen. He has started a YouTube channel with chess analysis as well.