Meet The Fritztrainer - Ivan Sokolov

by Arne Kaehler
11/16/2022 – Plenty of our customers are delighted by Ivan Sokolov's Understanding Middlegame Strategies series, and meanwhile we have six parts available. The Grandmaster who has participated at twelve chess Olympiads as a player, and reached a rating of over 2700 in January 2004, had very recent success again, as the coach of the Uzbek national team, who won the gold medal in Chennai in 2022. We wanted to know what Sokolov is doing besides chess, and why he is paying a tax when he meets the gym. | Photos: Ivan Sokolov Facebook page

Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol.1-6 Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol.1-6

In this Videocourse we deal with different aspects of the middlegame which are important to study and improve your general understanding of chess structures.


Meet the Fritztrainer

with Ivan Sokolov

Hundreds of different Fritztrainers have been teaching us chess on ChessBase for more than a decade. Maybe you sometimes wonder what else the authors do?

"Meet the Fritztrainer" takes a look behind the scenes, telling us more about the private life of your favourite chess trainer.

  • 0:15 - What are you doing in Hamburg?
  • 2:11 - Checking the Megadatabase, your favourite opening is always 1.d4, how come?
  • 5:14 - Sokolov's anecdote of Velimirović about Fischer.
  • 9:12 - Plenty of games by Tal were analysed, and most of them were actually correct.
  • 19:00 - Which was your greatest chess success?
  • 20:33 - You were the youngest GM in the world, did you receive any pressure?
  • 21:45 - Chess was more stable than becoming a lawyer, back then.
  • 23:00 - What was your favourite tournament?
  • 24:57 - What was your worst tournament experience?
  • 26:45 - What are your interests besides chess?
  • 30:00 - Full analysis of Sokolov vs. Kramnik 2004

Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol.5 & Vol.6

Understanding an opening doesn’t stop after the theory. It’s essential to understand ideas and structures connected to the opening moves. Topic: Rossolimo & Maroczy structures in the Sicilian Defence and Ruy Lopez.

Sokolov is concentrated at a simul in Landgraaf, 2019

How coach Ivan Sokolov worked with the Uzbekistan team to win the Gold medal at the Olympiad 2022 - Interview with Sagra Shah.

Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol.5 & Vol.6


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