Gukesh wins the Chennai Masters, Arjun second and Harikrishna third

by Shahid Ahmed
12/21/2023 – D Gukesh drew his final-round game against Pentala Harikrishna. Arjun Erigaisi defeated Sanan Sjugirov. Both Gukesh and Arjun ended up with the same 4½/7 score. Gukesh won the Chennai Masters on tie-breaks, Arjun was placed second. Pavel Eljanov drew against Levon Aronian. Thus, Harikrishna and Eljanov finished with 4/7 each. Harikrishna secured third place. The objective of organizing this event was certainly a huge success. The top three places were claimed by Indian players. This triumph has moved Gukesh ahead of Anish Giri in the FIDE Circuit leaderboard. Sai Akhil Anand designed and helped with the 'Draw of Lots' in the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony was graced by the one and only Vishy Anand. It goes without saying that the tournament brought a lot of Anand (meaning joy) to all. | Photos: Shahid Ahmed

Attack like a Super Grandmaster Attack like a Super Grandmaster

In this Fritztrainer: “Attack like a Super GM” with Gukesh we touch upon all aspects of his play, with special emphasis on how you can become a better attacking player.


Making the most out of the opportunity

The final standings were decided based on tie-breaks. However, the prize money was shared between the players of the same point group. The top three prizes were - ₹1500000 (US$18000), ₹1000000 (US$12000) and ₹800000 (US$9,600) along with a trophy each respectively.

Champion - D Gukesh 4½/7

He believed in me when I didn't in this period - D Gukesh after winning Chennai Grand Masters 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

I had almost given up for the Candidates spot - Gukesh | Video: ChessBase India

Runner-up - Arjun Erigaisi 4½/7

It could have been better or worse - Arjun Erigaisi finishes second on tie-breaks at Chennai Masters | Video: ChessBase India

Second runner-up - Pentala Harikrishna 4/7

It is one of those moments, whatever you do, you will be the villain - Pentala Harikrishna | Video: ChessBase India

Gukesh wins the Chennai Grand Masters 2023, Arjun finishes second and Harikrishna third | Video: ChessBase India

Chennai Grand Masters 2023 official logo

The game that could decide Gukesh's Candidates spot - Harikrishna vs Gukesh | Commentary by IM Sagar Shah | Video: ChessBase India

Gukesh survived the Harikrishna challenge to win the tournament

Arjun - Sjugirov: 1-0

Arjun Erigaisi had never beaten Sanan Sjugirov until today. He was determined to score the full point, and that's what he played for.

9.Ra2 followed by 10.Kf2 certainly showed Arjun's intent early in the game.

Here Arjun missed 32.f6 and played 32.Rb2 instead. While f6 in the above position would have ended things a bit earlier, nevertheless he executed it three moves later and the outcome went in his favor as the position demanded.

Arjun Erigaisi on his epic comeback at the Chennai Grand Masters | Video: ChessBase India

Arjun Erigaisi vs Sanan Sjugirov | Video: ChessBase India

Arjun Erigaisi registered his third win of the event, allowing him to gain 8.3 rating points

GM Pavel Eljanov - GM Levon Aronian: ½-½

Predke - Maghsoodloo: 0-1

GM Alexandr Predke played only one rated game against GM Parham Maghsoodloo a few months ago. Predke won that game. It was time for Maghsoodloo to deliver the equalizer.

White made a wild decision to go for 14.0-0 despite his kingside being quite exposed. Perhaps the idea was to exploit the f-file, which did not work out. 14...Nb6 15.e4 Bg4 16.Ne2 dxe4 17.Bxe4 c6 18.Ne5 Qh4 19.Rf4 f5 20.Bxc6+

White was determined to score his first victory of the event, so he went all-in: 20.Bxc6+ bxc6 21.Qxc6+ Kd8 22.Qb7?? Rh7 and it's over.

Alexandr Predke and Parham Maghsoodloo played an explosive game, which the latter won

Round 7 in progress

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Fourth place - Pavel Eljanov 4/7

Fifth place - Levon Aronian 3½/7

The banter between Anish Giri, Levon Aronian and Fabiano Caruana about Aronian's score is the funniest set of chess tweets you can read today

Sixth place - Parham Maghsoodloo 3½/7

Seventh place - Sanan Sjugirov 2½/7

Eighth place - Alexandr Predke 1½/7

All eight participants with Vishy Anand, GM Srinath Narayanan and the guests

D Gukesh with Vishy Anand after the final round | Photo: Sagar Shah

Gukesh with his parents Rajini Kanth and Padma Kumari | Photo: Sagar Shah

Gukesh and Vishnu's families | Photo: Sagar Shah

Harikrishna with his parents | Photo: Sagar Shah

Harikrishna and Anand's families | Photo: Sagar Shah

The Arbiters - IA Arasu B and IA Gopakumar Sudhakaran

Srinath Narayanan and Pentala Harikrishna's parents

The volunteers

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Interviews with the top 3 finishers and games will be published soon, stay tuned.

Gukesh surpassed Anish Giri and moved to no.2 spot in the FIDE Circuit 2023 with 87.36 points | Source: FIDE Circuit

All three Indians — Gukesh, Arjun and Harikrishna — gained Elo rating points | Source:

This is a tournament many generations of players have expected - GM Vishnu Prasanna V | Video: ChessBase India

These little girls who are chess fans are future champions! | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Round 7 live stream

Replay the round-7 live commentary by IM Sagar Shah, Amruta Mokal with guest commentators GM Anish Giri and IM Sopiko Guramishvili | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Round 7 games

Round 7 results

Bo. No. Rtg Name Result Name Rtg No. PGN
1 4 2696
GM Harikrishna, Pentala ½ - ½ GM Gukesh, D
2720 8 PGN
2 5 2727
GM Erigaisi, Arjun 1 - 0 GM Sjugirov, Sanan
2703 3 PGN
3 6 2689
GM Predke, Alexandr 0 - 1 GM Maghsoodloo, Parham
2742 2 PGN
4 7 2691
GM Eljanov, Pavel ½ - ½ GM Aronian, Levon
2723 1


Final standings

Rk. SNo Name FED Rtg Pts.  TB1   TB2   TB3   TB4 
1 Gukesh, D 4,5 0,5
2 Erigaisi, Arjun 4,5 0,5
3 Harikrishna, Pentala 4 0,5
4 Eljanov, Pavel 4 0,5
5 Aronian, Levon 3,5 0,5
6 Maghsoodloo, Parham 3,5 0,5
7 Sjugirov, Sanan 2,5 0
8 Predke, Alexandr 1,5 0



Shahid Ahmed is the senior coordinator and editor of ChessBase India. He enjoys covering chess tournaments and also likes to play in chess events from time to time.