Grivas – A delightful Miniature

by Efstratios Grivas
11/20/2023 – In the recent European National Teams Championship 2023, which is under way in the town of Budva (Montenegro), a delightful miniature was played in the sixth round. It was a sensation in the match Greece-Azerbaijan, where the white player was 126 rating points lower than his opponent, who defeated a player famous for his stubborn defensive skills! It is definitely worthwhile to follow the instructive commentary of GM Efstratios Grivas.

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Note that you can click on the notation or the diagrams below to get a separate replay board where you can start an engine to assist in analysis. 

Eftratios Grivas

Eftratios Grivas lives and works in Dubai. His full CV is provided at the end of this article.

Efstratios (30.03.1966) is a highly experienced chess trainer and chess author. He has been awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) the titles of International Chess Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and International Chess Organiser.