Gathering Piece Force

by Efstratios Grivas
6/24/2024 – To conduct a successful attack on any part of the board, you need pieces. You need to gather as much power force as possible and force your opponent to kneel down under the unbearable pressure. In more simple words, if the ratio of your attacking pieces surpass the ratio of your enemy’s defensive pieces, then you are in the right track! Even if you cannot see directly a decisive blow, you must be assured that sooner or later the opportunity will come in sight… Let international chess trainer Efstratios Grivas explain the concept with a game he played thirty years ago.

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Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I used to play a lot on German soil, with good success; for example in 1987 I won the Munich Open (8/9) with 330+ participants! But my favourite tournament was the Chess Festival of Dortmund, where I think I played four times in a row!

In the 1992 edition, I played the following, simple, but rather effective game, with a compelling attack on the black king.

The Grivas Chess International Academy is announcing an interactive training program with a monthly schedule, starting June 2024. Ten players of a rating strength of more of 1500 are invited to register monthly. The program is addressed to ambitious chess players, who are aiming to achieve high rating and international titles. All sessions will be conducted by the world-famous coach and author GM Efstratios Grivas.

Efstratios (30.03.1966) is a highly experienced chess trainer and chess author. He has been awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) the titles of International Chess Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and International Chess Organiser.
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