Game of the Week #605: L. Aronian vs V. Keymer

by Merijn van Delft
2/10/2024 – In his new Game of the Week show, Merijn van Delft analyses a crucial and fantastic attacking game that helped Vincent Keymer to win Division II of the Chessable Masters. | Merijn’s show is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here.

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In this Fritztrainer: “Attack like a Super GM” with Gukesh we touch upon all aspects of his play, with special emphasis on how you can become a better attacking player.


Game of the Week #605

The Chessable Masters was played in three divisions. Magnus Carlsen won Division I and the tournament, Vincent Keymer won Division II, and Alexey Sarana was first in Division III. The structure of these double-elimination tournaments is a bit complicated at first, but the Chessable produced quite a few interesting games.

Our focus is on the final of Division II, in which Keymer played against Aronian. Aronian used to be the clear number two in the world rankings and the ultimate expert in the 1.e4 e5 positions, but Keymer showed that he had absorbed all the lessons of the previous generation and had some new ideas of his own.

Warm-up question: What would you play here with Black?

This week’s show

The flexible Open Spanish

In this opening Black opts for active piece play and is not afraid to fight for the initiative from an early stage. One of the many good features of this opening is that Black is often the side which controls the pace of the game.

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Merijn van Delft is an International Master from the Netherlands who lived in Hamburg for many years and is currently based in Amsterdam. After scoring a GM norm in 2017 he is eager for more. His ChessBase show on Wednesday evenings has been running for over ten years now.