Game of the Week #550: F. Urkedal vs Pranesh M

by Merijn van Delft
1/12/2023 – In his “Game of the Week” show #550 Merijn van Delft looks at a crucial game of the young Indian player Pranesh M, who just won the Rilton Cup, a success which earned him the grandmaster title. In the last round of the Rilton Cup Pranesh came to a fine win with Black against Frode Urkedal. | Merijn’s show is available on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here.

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Game of the Week #550

This week there were mainly open tournaments and one of them was the Rilton Cup in Sweden, which was suprisingly won by a new kid on the block: IM Pranesh from India, born 2006.

Judging from going through his games he seems to be a positionally oriented baseliner, with a preference for solid openings and long fighting games. Our Game of the Week is his last round win against Urkedal, which seems to be prototypical for his style and put him on a fantastic score of 8 out of 9.

Warm-up question: What would you play here with Black?


This week’s show

The flexible Open Spanish

In this opening Black opts for active piece play and is not afraid to fight for the initiative from an early stage. One of the many good features of this opening is that Black is often the side which controls the pace of the game.

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Merijn van Delft is an International Master from the Netherlands who lived in Hamburg for many years and is currently based in Amsterdam. After scoring a GM norm in 2017 he is eager for more. His ChessBase show on Wednesday evenings has been running for over ten years now.