Exporting diagrams from ChessBase 14

by Martin Fischer
2/12/2018 – If you write about chess in print or if you want to prepare printed training material you might want to insert diagrams into your text. With ChessBase 14 this is easy. In fact, there is more than one way to spice up your chess text with diagrams.

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Method 1: Save and insert a diagram as a picture

First, you put the position which you want to turn into a diagram onto your screen, either by playing through a game or by creating the position by hand (press the key "s" on your keyboard).

Insert diagram ChessBase 14

A position from a famous game by unknown players.

Then go to the menu, select FileSaveSave Position.

Save position ChessBase 14

Now you have to choose how and where to save the picture of the diagram, that is you have to choose the format of the picture file and the directory in which you want to save it.

Saving a diagram as picture file creates an exact copy of the diagram, including colours, arrows, etc. Of course, you can edit the diagram like any other picture, e.g. making it larger, smaller or changing it in other ways. 

Chess diagram as image

The diagram position is from an old game played in 1910, with the image modified in the style of an aged newspaper

Method 2: Diagrams and text processing

It is also possible to convert diagrams into a text. Again, you first have to call up (or create) the position you want to export as a diagram.

Now go to "Home" and select "Copy Position". This copies the position to the clipboard.

Switch to your text processing program to insert the diagram from the clipboard into your text. Here's an example how this might look like:

Exporting diagram ChessBase 14

Screenshot of a word file with the exported diagram

  • This method also copies the data of the game in question
  • But graphic elements such as arrows, etc. are not included
  • ChessBase 14 offers five different fonts to format the diagrams in text processing programs

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Martin Fischer, born 1962, is a ChessBase staffer who, among other things, organizes and holds seminars throughout Europe and helps administer playchess.com.