ChessBase Fashion Collection 2023

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1/5/2023 – As a chess player, you probably know this problem: The openings for the next chess tournament are all perfectly prepared, but then shortly before the tournament starts you start to wonder: what should I wear? ChessBase presents the new spring fashion, with prints that will impress your opponent. Also for the children and the dear four-legged friends. Now in the New Year's Sale!

ChessBase 17 - Mega package - Edition 2024 ChessBase 17 - Mega package - Edition 2024

It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more.


The new ChessBase spring collection

Psychology plays an important role in chess. Many chess players check their opponents before the game to decide whether they should dare to play for a win win. With the ChessBase accessories, you send the right message to your opponent:

"I am prepared! I know my stuff! And I know your games too!"

You can get all ChessBase fashion accessories and even more in the Spreadshop.

ChessBase 17 Collection 

The ChessBase collection offers articles for men, women and children, in different sizes and fabrics, with different prints. Here is a small selection:

Hoodie ChessBase 17

The hoodie for men guarantees a strong appearance: to see more, go to the Spreadshop.

Sudadera vestido con capucha

The long sweatshirt for women brings the right kick in the tournament hall. Over and off the board. To see more, go to the Spreadshop.

Camiseta ChessBase 17

For the really hot games: the summer shirt for the experts. To see more, go to the Spreadshop.

Camiseta ChessBase 17 mujer

Taylor-made for cool attacks: the women's shirt in honey blue - to see more, go to the Spreadshop.

Delantal ChessBase 17

The ChessBase apron perfectly protects against misfortunes when you try to serve a new opening dish to your opponent. Also perfect for cooking food or cutting a good figure at the barbecue -to see more, go to the Spreadshop.

Gorra ChessBase 17

The ChessBase 17 cap helps your memory - for more, go to the Spreadshop.

Taza ChessBase 17

Coffee or tea can improve your game. More in the Spreadshop.

Mochila saco con logitipo ChessBase

Indispensable: the ChessBase bag. Climate-friendly, reusable and 1000 times cooler than the widely used plastic bag: for more, go to the Spreadshop.

Pañuelo bandana para perro ¡sin perro! ;-)

The scarf, not only for the dog (though the dog is not included when purchasing the product). To see more, go to the Spreadshop.

Fritz&Chesster collection

In addition to the ChessBase collection, there is also a Fritz&Chesster collection for young and old chess players, for example the Fritz&Chesster bag with a clear, though German, message to the opponent: "Ich setz dich matt, wie die Klatsche die Fliege!" which roughly translated declares: "I'll mate you like a swatter mates a fly!"

Te doy jaque y mate

For more, go to the Spreadshop.



Looking back:

This is what they wore at ChessBase in 2005:

In another office and with a different apron, tactics expert Oliver Reeh (front) and André Schulz (the editor of cook in the ChessBase TV cooking studio (live broadcast 2005)

Yared Lafer and Pascal Lautenschläger assist

Oliver Reeh, cutting onions

The first ChessBase shirts were already available in 2001:

The ChessBase team in 2001

In the back row, from left to right:: Ben Bartels, Frederic Friedel, Gisela Jäger, Mathias Feist, Matthias Wüllenweber, Steffen Giehring. In the front row from left to right: André Schulz, Nadja Wittmann, Yvonne Gerstorff, Helga Wellershaus, Mira Kowalski, Rainer Woisin

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