Chess Trading Cards: Swap, trade, have fun

by Stefan Liebig
2/8/2024 – The ChessBase Trading Card Market is a nice field of activity for all chess fans who enjoy chess topics. And there are so many themes and new things to discover. And it's especially great if you have a complete series. You don't necessarily have to buy trading cards with ducats, you can also swap them. Here's how it works:

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Trading cards you want to have

... the ducats are quickly gone - because in the new and rapidly growing market of ChessBase trading cards there are always offers to make your own collection even more attractive and (a little) more complete.

If you don't want to buy extra ducats right away, you can trade cards with other users. This will not only add the cards you are looking for to your own collection, but will also be a lot of fun...

The first step is to trade cards in the same way as you would buy them: In our example, we are looking for an Aryan Tari card from the "Top 10 Norway" series. It is on offer for a hefty 50 ducats. As this seems too expensive to us, even though the card is ranked 30th, we offer our own cards in exchange.

The first step is to click on the card you want in the 'Market' section under 'Cards offered'. The difference between this and buying lies in the second step. There, you can simply pay the desired purchase price using the shopping cart, and then - if you have the appropriate number of ducats in your account - you will receive the card immediately. You can also make a counteroffer by clicking on a banknote.

The third button is for trades: click here to open the corresponding menu window. The card you want to add to your album will now appear on the right. On the left, under "Your cards for offering", you can see the categories in which you have cards. Click on it to open the individual brand names, click again to see the card and its ranking. If you click on the checkbox, your card will be included in the trade. You can do this with any number of your own cards. This means that you can offer one or more of your own cards for the desired card.

In order to have a realistic chance of getting the valuable Tari card, we decide to offer three cards and select three as described above: From the "Chess Paintings" category we tick the Mocambique stamp, which shows a nice chess painting motif, from the "Stamps du Niger" category we tick the Philidor stamp, and from the "Stamps Yugoslavia" category we tick the Olga Rubtsova stamp.

All you have to do now is click on the "Offer" button in the bottom left-hand corner to send the offer - and then wait and see if the owner of the object of desire is persuaded by the offer and accepts it. Will they trade their 30 card for our three mediocre cards (positions 707, 734 and 459)?

Important: At this point, only the cards in your collection that have not yet been offered for sale on the market will be displayed.

Update: After a few days of waiting, two things have become clear: the card is still not for sale and therefore probably too expensive. And our offer is obviously not convincing either, as it has still not been accepted ...

Accept trading offers

But what about the other way round? What if someone else wants your card?

We receive an email - subject: New trade offered. All we have to do is click on the "link" in the body of the email to open a browser window with the trade offer.

You can then see the card from your own collection with the other person's proposed trade. In our case someone wants to buy the Max Euwe card and offers two cards from the category "ChessArt". Again, there can be more than one card on offer. What follows is simple. We like the offer, so thumbs up. If we did not like the trade, we would have clicked the thumbs down button.

In both cases, the system will confirm and the 'trade offer' is history. The same applies if you receive a counteroffer for a card that is offered on the market for ducats.

So let's go - try your luck and build a unique collection card by card.

Fritz 19

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Stefan Liebig, born in 1974, is a journalist and co-owner of a marketing agency. He now lives in Barterode near Göttingen. At the age of five, strange pieces on his neighbor's shelf aroused his curiosity. Since then, the game of chess has cast a spell over him. Flying high in the NRW youth league with his home club SV Bad Laasphe and several appearances in the second division team of Tempo Göttingen were highlights for the former youth South Westphalia champion.
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