Chennai Masters R6: Arjun wins, Gukesh set for showdown against Harikrishna

by Shahid Ahmed
12/20/2023 – Arjun Erigaisi scored the sole victory in the penultimate round of the Chennai Grand Masters. It started a little wild compared to other games. His opponent, Parham Maghsoodloo, decided to sacrifice his bishop to get a couple of pawns and exploit Arjun's weakened king. However, there was not enough compensation and White could not generate a substantial attack. The other games had a relatively calm draw between Gukesh and Eljanov, Aronian and Predke, and Sjugirov and Harikrishna. Harikrishna can spoil Gukesh's tournament if he manages to beat the teenager. The final round stars one and a half hour earlier than usual. | Photos: Shahid Ahmed

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Poised for an exciting finish

Who will win the Chennai Grand Masters 2023? Last round permutation and combinations | Video: ChessBase India

Chennai Grand Masters 2023 official logo

Maghsoodloo - Arjun: 0-1

GM Arjun Erigaisi had beaten GM Parham Maghsoodloo a few months ago at the FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023.

The game had a slightly wild start after 14.Nxf7 Kxf7 15.Qxa8

White allowed 28...g4 with the hopes of gaining some chances on the kingside — 29.Bxg4 Nxg4 30.h3 Ngf6 31.Qxh6 Rg8 32.g4 and White could not generate enough play to get compensation, let alone win or draw the game.

Arjun Erigaisi scored his second win of the event, Maghsoodloo suffered his second loss

D Gukesh vs Pavel Eljanov (UKR) | Video: ChessBase India

D Gukesh - Pavel Eljanov: 0.5-0.5

Levon Aronian - Alexandr Predke: 0.5-0.5

Sanan Sjugirov (HUN) vs Pentala Harikrishna | Video: ChessBase India

Sanan Sjugirov - Pentala Harikrishna: 0.5-0.5

One of the best trainers in the world, GM FST R B Ramesh, made the ceremonial first move of the sixth round

Round 6 in progress

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Replay Round 6 live stream

Replay the round-6 live commentary by IM Sagar Shah, Amruta Mokal with guest commentators GM Anish Giri and IM Sopiko Guramishvili | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Round 6 games

Round 6 results

Bo. No. Rtg Name Result Name Rtg No. PGN
1 8 2720
GM Gukesh, D ½ - ½ GM Eljanov, Pavel
2691 7
2 1 2723
GM Aronian, Levon ½ - ½ GM Predke, Alexandr
2689 6
3 2 2742
GM Maghsoodloo, Parham 0 - 1 GM Erigaisi, Arjun
2727 5
4 3 2703
GM Sjugirov, Sanan ½ - ½ GM Harikrishna, Pentala
2696 4


Standings after Round 6

Rk. SNo Name FED Rtg Pts.  TB1   TB2   TB3   TB4 
1 Gukesh, D 4 0
2 Harikrishna, Pentala 3,5 1,5
3 Eljanov, Pavel 3,5 1
4 Erigaisi, Arjun 3,5 0,5
5 Aronian, Levon 3 0
6 Maghsoodloo, Parham 2,5 1
7 Sjugirov, Sanan 2,5 0
8 Predke, Alexandr 1,5 0


Round 7 pairings

Bo. No. Rtg Name Result Name Rtg No. PGN
1 4 2696
GM Harikrishna, Pentala GM Gukesh, D
2720 8
2 5 2727
GM Erigaisi, Arjun GM Sjugirov, Sanan
2703 3
3 6 2689
GM Predke, Alexandr GM Maghsoodloo, Parham
2742 2
4 7 2691
GM Eljanov, Pavel GM Aronian, Levon
2723 1



Shahid Ahmed is the senior coordinator and editor of ChessBase India. He enjoys covering chess tournaments and also likes to play in chess events from time to time.