CB Cloud + replayer = top tool for tournament organisers

by Martin Fischer
7/6/2016 – Since a few days a new "replayer" is used on the ChessBase websites. Of course, you can replay games with it but you can also add an engine to analyse the game and you can enter and analyse variations. In conjunction with the ChessBase Cloud the replayer also offers possibilities, which are particularly interesting for tournament organisers who want to share the games of their tournament. And that's how it's done...

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Tournament bulletins with ChessBase 13 – Cloud

With more than a hundred teams and about 500 participants the World Team Championship of the "Best Agers" or "Silver Agers" - officially termed somewhat officially 50+ and 65+ - was a huge success.

Each day 212 games were played and most of these games had to be entered manually into a chess program to create a bulletin - only a few electronic boards were used in Radebeul. The organisers and ChessBase worked closely together to handle this task with a minimum of effort and the ChessBase 13 Cloud proved to be a great helper.

ChessBase 13 was installed on six computers and each computer was given a different ChessBase account. As soon as the pairings were drawn up, a pgn-file with the data of the games was exported from the pairings program (here Swiss-Chess) and imported to ChessBase 13.

Then Hugo Schulz, the "Game-Recording-Officer", created a ChessBase 13 Cloud file for the games and shared this file with the six ChessBase accounts on the computers.


After the end of a game the players had to give their score sheets to the arbiter who passed them on to the game recording office where the six computers were used to enter the games into ChessBase 13.

The recording office

The games were entered into the Cloud database (which was accessed with the ChessBase account) in which the game data of all the games was saved.

To enter the games with ChessBase 13 and the Cloud (on various computers) has a lot of advantages:

• Taking the data from the pairing program guarantees a consistent writing of the names of the players, the tournament or the match;
• When entering the games you do not lose time finding out the correct writing of names or the correct round etc.;
• All games are saved immediately in one file - you do not have to merge databases and files;
• Games are not entered twice by accident.

The program creates an individual URL for each Cloud database. At the World Seniors this URL was linked to the homepage of the tournament, allowing visitors to open or download the games or replay the games online.

Screenshot of the German website with the links - clicking the links opens the new ChessBase replayer:

The replayer offers a lot of interesting features:


The website visitor can replay and analyse the games - the replayer offers an extensive set of tools to annotate and analyse the games.


The replayer allows to download and save the entire database or individual games as pgn-file.


You can always ask an engine - here Fritz 14 - for help.

The replayer has a direct connection to the WebApp „My Games“ of the ChessBase cloud. Click and open „My Games“. Here you can save the games in a database or merge with your own opening repertoire.


If you click on one of these symbols the games in the database are replayed automatically. Relax and enjoy!

If the organiser enters the games immediately after they ended the visitors sees the current results of the round.

Thus, ChessBase 13 and the Cloud help tournament organisers to enter the games quickly and to offer them on the tournament homepage as attractive service to visitors and readers.

For more information turn to see the ChessBase wiki

Martin Fischer, born 1962, is a ChessBase staffer who, among other things, organizes and holds seminars throughout Europe and helps administer playchess.com.