Amazing rook sacrifice in Fritz game at WCCC (video)

by Albert Silver
7/15/2023 – While engines on powerful hardware are ever closer to chess perfection, draws tend to happen more and more. However, even perfection does not need to be dull, and at the 2023 World Computer Chess Championship, a spectacular game took place between Fritz running on 192 cores (!) and Stoofvlees using massive GPUs. See the video on this tactical slugfest!

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What is chess perfection? Put simply, it is a game where no move could have led to a loss is committed. Many assume that this also means the game will be boring, but as seen in the game below, while all roads may lead to Rome, they don't also have to pass through New Jersey.

The operators of both respective engines were kind enough to share the logs of the game so that the evaluations, times, and predictions could be seen from both sides. You will find some of this in the analysis of the incredibly entertaining game played in round four of the 2023 World Computer Chess Championship.

Fritz is running on 192 cores, overclocked at 3.5GHz (kindly provided by sponsor BOSTON) with 1.5 TB of Ram, while Stoofvlees, a powerful neural network that requires strong GPUs to perform at its best, is using no fewer than four RTX4090s. A clash of the titans!

You can also enjoy the analysis on the replayer below:

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