Tactical puzzles for your web site

by Matthias Wüllenweber
6/19/2019 – With the relaunch of our training site tactics.chessbase.com, it was time to renew the embeddable tactics board which you can put into your own web site. Improve your Google rankings by keeping users longer on your page - give them a chance to solve tactics! All you need is to add one line of html-code.

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You can test this tool at https://livetactics.chessbase.com. It offers a practically infinite number of easy tactical positions – for free.

The new version of Livetactics uses the same advanced hinting system which has been introduced to our main tactics site. This will considerably improve the solving experience of your visitors, especially for weaker players. The new board uses the available space much better and the pieces scale to every size, from a tiny mobile display to a huge 4k screen.

This allows you to integrate the board to a side bar on your page or to give your users a dramatic experience by making the board nice and big.

How do you embed this board? You will find simple instructions here: https://tactics.chessbase.com/en/embed.

Similar to embedding a YouTube video the idea is to add an iframe to your page and to show the content of Livetactics in this iframe.

Here is an example how an embedded tactics board can look like:

Just enter the solution move on the board. If you need help, click on the red life ring in the middle. To move on to the next position, click on the green arrow.

The html code for the above board is 

<iframe src="https://livetactics.chessbase.com" width="500" height="540" style="border:0"></iframe> 

We wish you fun with our tactics board and we hope that you will enjoy this simple way of captivating your readers with additional chess content.

Matthias Wüllenweber, CEO of ChessBase