Jean-Michel Péchiné

Jean-Michel Péchiné has been the editorial adviser of Europe Echecs since 2002. As a member of International Chess Collectors, he discovered the oldest Arabian figurative chess pieces exhumed in Europe in Loisy (Burgundy). In 1997, he published a book edited by famous French editor Gallimard narrating 15 centuries of chess history: Roi des Jeux, Jeu des Rois!

He is a professional photographer, and has organized exhibitions as in the Olympic Museum of Lausanne or in Besançon in 1999 with a private visit of Kasparov and Karpov, where Europe Echecs was created in 1959. He has given nearly 250 lectures to promote the art and culture of chess.

He is one of the organizers of famous Rencontres du Cap d’Agde/Trophy Karpov. His motto has always been Gens Una Sumus!

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